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Haskell has yet to notify the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics of academic violations

Alum007 you must not be a part of the Haskell community. Because the 3 people you are talking about have done and are still doing amazing things for the students of Haskell and the Haskell community. First off the Sister was not even involved with athletics at the time when this happened. She was working with the RED and full-bright programs which both programs benefited the school. You must not have read the article because it said football and basketball programs. The Brother coaches cross country and track and field, two programs that don't have to worry about students being academically eligible. The football coach at the time no longer works at Haskell and the AD and men's bball coach was Ted Juneau. As a HaskelI student these 3 people have helped me through tough (personal) times but so has other members of the Haskell staff, faculty and other members of the Haskell community. It is true that Mr. Redman needs to handle this but to fire people who have the interest of the students is crazy. To be honest there are many teachers at Haskell who don't care about the students and use the students to do their research or are at Haskell for personal gain. Haskell needs more teachers like the brother and sister because they care about the students and about Haskell and their are not using Haskell for personal gain.

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