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Prosecutors charge Illinois parents after children were found bound, blindfolded

Where is a baseball bat, tarp, and duct tape mentioned? I know that I heard a rumor about it on the radio, but I've not seen anything official.

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Protesters say bill would allow discrimination against gays, lesbians

This was a well written response, and it really helped me to see why others were opposed. I don't consider myself to be stupid, and yet I didn't immediately see why they were so worried. This really clarified the point. Thank you.

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Trial set for teenager charged in two murders

Wow, Costello, were you a stalker in another life?

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Teen charged in shooting

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Hearing for murder suspect delayed until Tuesday afternoon

As a member of the occupant's family, I would like to say that people apparently have nothing to do but gossip about the comings and goings of their neighbors. I hate to be the one to bring this up, but this is a college town. There is a lot of coming and going in this town, and it is not always about drugs. Both of the boys who lived there went to school. The twenty year old who was killed was a second year college student and the younger brother just graduated high school. They were both boy scouts and always willing to help their family. The twenty year old loved children, in fact, my daughter who is 5 is mourning the loss of a dear friend who played with her. This just goes to prove that all the neighbors are doing is gossiping which does not make it FACT. Besides, when did a wrong done by someone constitute breaking and entering, burglery, and in this most extreme case, murder?

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Shooting leaves 2 dead

I had heard three as well. One has been arrested, one was killed. As for the third, I had heard that he was in LMH. True? At this point, I don't know. The infomration on the first 2 I have heard confirmed by family members.

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Shooting leaves 2 dead

The two who broke into the home were attempting to get revenge on the younger brother for something he did months ago. They were planning to rob the place, instead something much worse occurred.

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Police arrest 16-year-old in connection with shooting

My cousin was the one who lived and was shot in the home. Lawrence09, the person arrested has stated that they broke into the home as an attempt to get back at the younger brother for something he did months ago.

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Shooting leaves 2 dead

I agree, the two were not related. The one killed inside was living there, his younger brother had been attempting to get him to go to Wakarusa Fest with him. Unfortunately, he did not succeed. Now, our family is in mourning for a terrible loss. The one outside was one of a group who were attempting to break into the home.

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Shooting leaves 2 dead

Thank you for the kind regards. We too hope that the people are caught and before they can hurt anyone else.

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