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Simons' Saturday Column: Focus on sports, athletes has gotten out of whack

Ironic, then, isn't it? When I logged on to the LJWorld mobile website, the overwhelming majority if "top news" stories were sports-focused. You can't push drugs and complain that everyone's an addict.

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Rain or shine, pastor’s daily devotion to running carries prayers though Lawrence

Exactly, Dinker.

I too, choose to abide by a different belief system, but I would never be angry if a Christian chose to pray for me, just as I wouldn't be angry if someone I didn't know said "Have a nice day."

Good feelings are good feelings, and we need all we can get, no matter the source or belief.

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KU establishes office to handle sexual harassment reports

Shoddy writing. It wasn't a "football scandal." Did the Vice Provost really call it that? If that's what they're saying in this training, the whole program is suspect.

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Sears to close Lawrence store

Bummer. I always buy appliances from Sears, I have forever. Now I guess I'll do it online, or go to the one in Ottawa.

December 29, 2011 at 2:26 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

I-70 blocked Monday morning after multiple accidents in Leavenworth County

Was in the traffic behind all of this- stopped for quite a while. I had plenty of time to tweet, if I'd been so inclined, as did the dozens of other drivers/passengers in the cars around me who were also stopped.

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Vehicles have run off U.S. 59, hit fence on property over 30 times

I drive that road every day, and one thing I've noticed about the new fence- the decorative lights on the gate look an awful lot like headlights if you're headed south. You come up the hill, see the road signs indicating a curve, then you see what appears to be a pair of headlights coming straight for you, on YOUR side of the road.

If I didn't drive that road all the time and know they were the lights on the fence/gate, I'd try to get out of the way.

Just a comment. The new fence looks nice compared to the old one.

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First Bell: Former Ichabod’s, up for auction, still ‘smells like a school’; EPA OKs environmental education grant for Friends of the Kaw

I really wanted to buy that when it went on the market a few years ago, but the price (I forget what the total was) was prohibitive. Now I don't have $10K handy like I did then. DRAT.

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23rd St. bridge to be replaced

Oddball: Beautiful.
Moriarty: suppose the bridge ain't there?
Oddball: Don't hit me with them negative waves so early in the morning. Think the bridge will be there and it will be there. It's a mother, beautiful bridge, and it's gonna be there. Ok?

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Heard on the Hill: KU Parking joins Twitter; Obama's student loan plan generates conversation; Border War headed to Kansas City libraries

I have a question about the "20 years, not 25" part. Twenty years from when? When you first take the loan? When you graduate?

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