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Malott Hall evacuated after report of possible chemical spill

The chemical is still unknown. But the good thing is everyone is safe and sound. I love this building.

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My son Lincoln started in June of 2011 for the summer classe. He has really liked his experience at La Petite. The teachers have helped him adjust to his new school and the kids have welcomed him as well. While attending La Petite he is learning quite a bit his favorite activites are Friday Home Toy Share day, visits from the local police and fire departments. He interacts very well with his classmates I would recommend La Petite to any parent that is looking to start their preschoolers educational journey. Thanks La Petite


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Coming to a cage near you: Mixed Martial Arts hitting local scene

Leprechaunking, grammer kid, learn to write. You and Snoopy_79 both bashed boxing I didn't attck your favorite sport of MMA. Still for you to try and sit there and say that boxers aren't as good as athletes as MMA fighters your both ridiculus. I not E my clown friend. Also your a personal trainer you say so just because your going around trying to get in a cheap feel on some one you train doesn't make you an athlete either.Also I did mention Floyd Mayweather read son you might actually learn something. You don't have anything you can defend period you go around getting cheap thrills pretending like your a personal trainer. When the UFC and any form of MMA develops a much better product than they have now or even compares to what the Japanese has displayed then I will give the sport more credit. Yeah there are fighters as good as any athlete out there don't get me wrong I never said there wasn't. I agree with snoopy kind of until both sports best fighter get together than you never know. Snoopy_79 the 5, 5 minutes rounds are not all fighting I'm sure the first two rounds are feeling out rounds as well. At least you make more sense than Leprechaunking. Here is the thing what happens when Anderson Silva and Randy Couture stand toe to toe with Lennox Lewis or Vladimer Klitchko or Roy Jones or Floyd Mayweather, they get knocked out. Your fighters have to either land a kick or tackle the boxer in order to get them to the ground and make them submit. The handspeed and the foot movement will be to much. There is no way a MMA fighter can stand up and fight one of these guys with out kicking. For every kick they miss they get hit in the head at least 3 to 5 times. The MMA guys have to take a boxer down or pray that they get a kick in. Also just because a boxer is on the ground doesn't mean he won't still be throwing punches.I hope your sport you love does build a legacy but until it does It is still second best. I must admit there is one fighter that I do appreciate and really like to watch him in the steel cage and that is Cung Lee now he kicks butt. If the MMA had fighters like him on all the time then I would become a quick fan of the sport.But until then don't bash a sport that you don't watch either. I will defend boxing as much as you guys defend MMA. Like I said before if you want to experince how hard boxers train I welcome you to come and and train for a day with us. I think then you will appreciate what our sport has offered for centuries. I just want you two guys to come and witness what it takes to become a boxer. Then this whole argument will be put to rest. Snoopy_79 I also wrestled as well and I know how hard it is but by far the hardest workout I have ever done is boxing. Hey did either one of you go to the fight at Coyote's ?

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Coming to a cage near you: Mixed Martial Arts hitting local scene

Leprechaunking, you can always try to see if I box better than I debate, we can have a friendly sparring session when ever you like. Mike Tyson lost to Buster Douglas who still had a impressive record. For god sakes Tank Abbout was regarded as one of MMA's best fighters. So is he the exception to the rule of a better athlete.I will make a counter point, how many MMA fights do you think would last more than five rounds. The reason why is those guys are trained to fight short fights (3, five minute rounds). Boxers are trained to five 12 rounds and before that it was 15 rounds, that is a level of fighting most MMA guys will never see in their life time. Don't get me wrong there are some good athlete's in the world of MMA fighting. Each sport is different, but answer this if boxing had another fighter like Mike Tyson right now do you think the sport of MMA could touch boxing? MMA is great for right now but it will even out after a while just like all sports do. Like I said before I applaud the fighters of MMA for putting their sport in the mainstream of the american viewers but the sport has been around for a while in Japan. I actually watched it then when it was Pride, K1 and Japanese Shoot wrestling. It was a much better product than what you see now. Actually way better product. I also noticed that the UFC major show was number 89 or some where around that number, so what happens when it hits 100, how do you promote a organization that is younger than every major sporting event in america but it has had more major show than the Super Bowl and the World Series. Hell it has even surpassed Wrestle Mania. Don't you think that will hurt the sport in the long run?

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Coming to a cage near you: Mixed Martial Arts hitting local scene

Snoopy_79 I' will deal with you first. No I'm not an angry man you where the one that attacked boxing also I gave the MMA credit for trying to get they're sport off the ground. But when people like you say that it's going to take over boxing that shows your level of thinking. Besides with a name like Snoopy_79 I'm not really worried about who I mouth off to mostly you. The sport of MMA might stay around for a while you don't know and I don't know. Also look at the records of the champions in the sport, you call a guy with a record of 12 - 7 a champion come on. You are the one that said first that MMA fighters are better athletes than boxers. So you call Tank Abbout and Kimbo better athletes than Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather. I would like to see you argue that. Remember MMA is only three 5 mintue rounds. Are those consider championship rounds. If so that is 15 minutes. Now boxing is 12 three minute rounds big difference, plus a one minute rest period. I want to see the top MMA guy go that long and if and when that ever happens I will shake your hand and take you to dinner so you can continue to try to prove your point. I have watch a couple of Royce Gracies fights and I respect him as a true martial arts master not an MMA fighter.

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Barbecue joint ready to move into old Bucky's location

Arthur Bryant's the original loacationVT Street wings Gates Combo and a half with steak friesBoss Hoggs in Topeka on friday nights half price everything.Bum SteerGuy and May'sGrand Daddy's (The bomb) and a catfish samich. With baked beans and red soda. That is good fall to sleep after you eat food, and no its not strawberry or red cream, its just red and good.The worst bbqBuffalo Bobs tied with Quicks.

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Coming to a cage near you: Mixed Martial Arts hitting local scene

So Leprechaunking, you went out an read a book. Good for you. Your a jock rider as well I challenge you to do some boxing training. Hell you can even do MMA train for all I care. Bottom line is MMA will never have a fighter with the leagacy of the fighters I named off. No matter how good they are.Also I have a sport to defend, you probably have never done any thing physical more than watching MMA and stuffing your face with chips and dips trying to argue a sport that the only thing you know about it is the fighters names. So don't claim to know everything about the sport unless you participated in it (Jim Rome).Also because you learn one move in another form of martial arts doesn't make you a master of that discipline. I do believe it takes years to become a black belt in any asian form of martial arts as well as the brazillan forms also.Funny the move Rampage Jackson does when he lifts the guy up in the air and slams him on his back, what he calls the Rampage Bomb, correct me if I'm wrong isn't that a pro wrestling move called a powerbomb. So I guess Rampage learned the art of script fighting as well.That must be another discipline.Oh yeah, I know one of the MMA fighters that fought out there at Coyote's. He fights out of Topeka, funny he asked for my help to learn to punch correctly while in a standing position. Hmm, standing up and punching correctly, sounds a whole lot like boxing. I have given MMA it's props many times but for you and all of the other fans that say it is going to take over boxing. I do believe to other organizations try to do the same thing. USFL and XFL.

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Coming to a cage near you: Mixed Martial Arts hitting local scene

The guys I mentioned are the one I'm familar with. Like before I'm not taking anything away from MMA, you have to put your name out there some how. But for MMA to say they are taking over boxing that is ludicris. The only reason everyone is talking that jive is that there are no american heavyweight fighters out there at this time. Which the heavyweight are what most people want to watch because of the knockouts. You named off I guess some good fighters I don't know, don't follow the sport that hard but just to name a few myselfMuhammed AliSugar Ray RobinsonSugar Ray LenoardFloyd PattersonJack DempseyJoe LouisWillie Pepand oh yeah Rocky MarcianoThat list is legacy I've just listed. How many MMA guys will reach legacy as the likes of any of the fighters I listed.Yes there are good and bad leagues of each sport there are good and bad fighters of each sport. But when the MMA can ever reach the leagcy of the first fighter I listed then I will say the sport has achieved greatness.

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Coming to a cage near you: Mixed Martial Arts hitting local scene

Snoopy_79, I didn't say that learning multiple forms of martial arts is easier than throwing a jab or reading a playbook. I said to throw a jab if more technical than tackling someone and trying to pound them on the ground. Just try all three sports football, boxing and MMA I just want you to see which one you think is easy. I watch all forms of martial arts and yes I biased of boxing because I have done it and achieved in the sport. I'm biased of Karate because I know top level fighters the reason why i'm biased is they are both disciplned sports.

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Coming to a cage near you: Mixed Martial Arts hitting local scene

Snoopy_79 since have you ever done a contact sport if so I would really like to see that on display. Like I said feel free to come to Haskell tonight at 6 pm and watch what the difference is between MMA and boxing or come to the KU student rec center where you can be my guest. I will let you train an actual 3 minute boxing round and I will show you the diffrence of the two sports. When the MMA guys say they trained in Jujitsu, wrestling, boxing or karate I want to know how long they trained and what level of experince they reached. I have watched many MMA fights and barley a hand full of the fighters can throw a proper jab. Which in the sport of MMA is called a strike. You say the MMA guys are skilled in the other forms of martial arts right, outside of the Gracie family or the Shamrock family and even Rampage Jackson how many of these guys have been at a level they can say they are a master at. Hardly any. Once again open invitaion to you anytime you want to test your knowledge of both sports. I teach boxing and I have had the privileage of know a few pro boxers and a few guys that was on the USA Karate team, now those guys are true fighters.Don't be a jock rider come out and see first hand how the two compare and if seeing first hand doesn't change your mind about how much better a boxer is then I will shake your hand an admit your right.

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