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What's wrong with Kansas University? Apparently, much that is wrong with France.

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Brownback begins transition to governor

Sieg Republicaner!

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Buried Alive: A Conversation With Jimi Hendrix

On a trip to Seattle in around 1983 I dragged two of my friends to the cemetery in Redmond where Jimi Hendrix is buried. I was a little surprised by the unassuming flat marker with a picture of a guitar on it. But all around the marker were notes, single flowers, pieces of candy; in short whatever the legion of fans who'd visited felt should be left.

I have a photograph of the stone and I treasure it, just as I treasure the records, CDs, ticket stub etc.. Jimi said to just keep playing the music after he was gone, and we have. :-)

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Western union: ‘Only Good Indian’ explores cultural history through revisionist drama

Hey Lawrencerealist, instead of complaining about Kevin Wilmott efforts, motivations and creativity why don't you get off your arse and do something notable yourself!

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Group aims to help black youths in everyday life

I know Craig Butler, he is an educator, wonderful human being and great role model. Anything he would be teaching these young men would only make them better people and help them become decent adults. He has done the same thing in teaching majority kids.

I feel sorry for people who see life as a zero sum game, who see every attempt to uplift people who might have had a rough go of it as somehow taking from someone else.

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Obama aide: Limbaugh a top GOP leader


Edermann, Heil Der SchweinFuhrer!

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Obama dismisses Dobson criticism

The Right in the media (Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, and now aparently James Dobson) have received their marching orders; and now the slide into the muck begins. They aren't even bothering to disguise their racism and zenophobia, which probably is handy for those of us trying to sort out the bad guys. By the way Rush has gone apolectic about Jeremy Wright's racism but he posted a paradyl song on his web site entitled: "Barack The Magic Negro". Whoever is laundering these guys' sheets must be getting rich.

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Photo of Obama in tribal garments causes stir

Just to set the record straight; the photo was taken in Somalia where Sen. Obama and others were traveling on a congressional mission of some sort. The clothing had been presented as a gift.

And eight years ago If you wanted to infiltrate and sink our government you would send the idiot, scion son of an ex-president, beholden to every corrupt robber baron in the country. You would of course disquise him as a competent leader. It worked, didn't it?

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Watkins director dismissed

The Watkins Community Museum of History is missing its water but they long ago drained the well dry. Maybe they should ask Steve Jansen how he managed to do so much for so long with so little.

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Latest incident provides city ammunition in forcing closure of 'public nuisance'

Give it a rest DollyPawPaw.

If the place was full Aryan patriots lounging in their Doc Martins, planning RoHoWa and no gun play broke out, the First Amendment would trump aethestics and the boys could party till the cows come home, with no SWAT interference.

Last Call needs to be shutdown because of the public safety issues. The same unfortunately can't be done with your posts.

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