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Mother, son to graduate from KU together Sunday

Congratulations to the Al Ghalfli family! All the best to you in your future endeavors. Thank you for providing an excellent example of parental guidance and youthful achievement for others.

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Brownback, senators refused to help Topeka school district in grant application for federal funds

Stimmt das Herr Gotland? It is just as likely that your Fuhrer stymied the grant because there are are more of his favored ubermenschen in the small towns. Schwein.

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Jenkins defeats Schlingensiepen in U.S. House race

I know Rev. Schlingensiepen, he is a person of high integrity, great intelligence and a wonderful sense of humor. Those who don't know him would have seen all that in the televised debate. With more funds and name recognition he would definitely have won this election. I sincerely hope he wins the next one.

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Obama’s public approval ratings hard to explain

Since Herr Simons is longing for a more Aryan perspective in the White House, who could fault him his disappointment with the current occupant.

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Lawrence police ask for public's help in search for man who has been missing for two days

My wife and I's prayers are for Kal's safe return and for his family's peace of mind. We first heard of this yesterday when we stopped by his workplace and asked about the flyers on the window. He is well liked, his supervisor is worried and he encouraged us to ask anyone who has any information to contact the police which, we are doing. So, please, anyone who thinks they may be able to help, do so.

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Kansas House Speaker Mike O'Neal, right, forwarded an email referring to First Lady Michelle Obama a

How many Emails did Mr. O'Neal send concerning the exit of Boeing from Wichita and the 2100 jobs that will leave with it? Narrow minded, bigoted incompetents like him are hell bent on ruining Kansas, and the nation. Mrs. Obama is not a politician and has behaved graciously in her role as First Lady, as was true of Mrs. Bush before her. Even if you disagree with the President respect is warranted for the First Family. The retreat of civility in politics is the primary reason most politicians should be sacked and go back to some real job.

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What's wrong with Kansas University? Apparently, much that is wrong with France.

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Brownback begins transition to governor

Sieg Republicaner!

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Buried Alive: A Conversation With Jimi Hendrix

On a trip to Seattle in around 1983 I dragged two of my friends to the cemetery in Redmond where Jimi Hendrix is buried. I was a little surprised by the unassuming flat marker with a picture of a guitar on it. But all around the marker were notes, single flowers, pieces of candy; in short whatever the legion of fans who'd visited felt should be left.

I have a photograph of the stone and I treasure it, just as I treasure the records, CDs, ticket stub etc.. Jimi said to just keep playing the music after he was gone, and we have. :-)

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Western union: ‘Only Good Indian’ explores cultural history through revisionist drama

Hey Lawrencerealist, instead of complaining about Kevin Wilmott efforts, motivations and creativity why don't you get off your arse and do something notable yourself!

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