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Church battles local hunger with food fight

Didn't your parents ever tell you, "Don't play with your food!". I believe this is a value instilled at a very early age and why it seems to be a bit crass when someone reads about this event. In some cultures, food is honored and given back to the earth by sacrificing part of your dinner in a symbolic gesture of thanks. People would also call this throwing good food away. I would like to think that when placed in the context of blessings and not fighting, a balance in awareness and action could be discovered.

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Native Americans, supporters put on flash mob demonstration in South Park for Idle No More

Although your sentiment is noteworthy, the government still recognizes tribal sovereignty and no matter how much you think we are "indivisible", there are thousands of indigenous people living on reservations that would disagree with your philosophy. This protest is about Canada trying to break treaties and making the populace aware of this injustice. This is not about "natives" against whites.

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Police chief presents downtown surveillance camera policy at forum, will revise for City Commission

I agree and think this would be awesome. When I had cable it was always fun to watch the downtown camera on channel 6 and watch for impromptu scenes from locals goofing off.

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Wetlands advocates look for new ways to stop construction of South Lawrence Trafficway as legal battle ends

why wont they just take that stupid 4-way stop at Louisiana and 31st down and put up a light then rip through Mary's lake? I hate that 4-way stop and it seems to never get brought up. Instead I have to read about settlers and how horrible the past was. If it were up to me I'd just put in a green light at Louisiana and 31st, cut through Mary's lake area and plow right through Allen Field house just cause I hate stuff that has to do with the past! stupid past!

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Wetlands advocates look for new ways to stop construction of South Lawrence Trafficway as legal battle ends

(of a person, action, or motive) Lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure.

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Sound Off: What is being built in front of the Walmart on Iowa Street?

I'm hoping for a Hooters!

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Tiller's abortion clinic sold

It's the conviction in his words which reflect his/her narcissistic relationship with a higher power. Judging everyone other than himself while sitting between a monitor and chair is what he/she does best.

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Court hearing granted in "birther" challenge to Obama's place on the Kansas ballot

Always judge a book by it's words!

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Public split on plans for new rec center

got my 1986 Velcro strip, winners choice champions with optional racing stripe package so bring it! I was born to walk!

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Town Talk: More about the proposed N.W. Lawrence sports complex, and why Lawrence shouldn't try to be Olathe

remember the Sunglass Hut! Man they had some cool shades!

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