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Kansas guard Ben McLemore wipes away tears as he leaves a news conference with family members after

No doubt! Every year I hope that those blue chips recruits will choose KU and it is so hard to land them. It was a true honor to have Ben in the program. Awesome ball player and I will never forget the ISU game I had the privilege to attend and see his 3 to tie the game!! We wish you the best Ben!!

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Brownback seeking end of property tax deduction for homeowners

I come from a wealth family and I usually voice the protection of the wealthy. However, I am not wealthy. I noticed the Social Security withholding increase on my paycheck and my wife's compounded with changes in my flex spending. We are losing $250 per month as of January 2013. THAT AMOUNT OF MONEY IS NOTICABLE TO US! If I made 6 figures, I would make a cutback on one of my many luxuries. WE DON'T HAVE MANY LUXURIES!!
I agree with the fact that the middle class is vanishing. You are either well off and working hard to maintain it, or you are barely able to afford the normal American lifestyle and struggling to maintain that. You know, a house, a car, maybe 1 activity for your kids each month. Ridiculous.
Cut spending AMERICA! That's how we are getting by... We don't need rich idiots running the state and country. They are just out of touch with US. Otherwise you wouldn't take money from US to continue spending money on NOTHING.

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Liberty Hall turns 100 with bash, flash

Had our wedding reception there in '01. One of the greatest moments in our lives. So glad we had it there! Congrats Liberty!

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Heartbreaker in New Orleans

Well said! I second this comment! I also quoted Rocky during the game "is that all you got!"

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Heartbreaker in New Orleans

Awesome, Incredible, Unbelievable, Amazing Season. Tyshawn made himself a home in my heart after this season and that is sayin something. This team is the epitome of toughness. They just ran out of time in the end. Thanks for giving it your all...all season long. Unforgettable!

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Kansas head coach Bill Self raises up the fieldhouse following the Jayhawks' 87-86 overtime win over

It just shows that he wanted it just as much as we did!! That is a home town coach!

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Explosives found in truck parked near Statehouse

This guy made some bombs and was scoping out the tunnel for time and location to plant them. Pretty scary. There are so many people out there that are paranoid and miserable. And there are so many people out there that justs keep on bullying through life without a care for anyone or anything. That is what instigates the miserable folks to do something crazy. They have nothing to lose and they have to do something bold and crazy to get the attention.

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Little ‘Dipper’: Jeff Withey matches Wilt Chamberlain

I don't understand why KU fans have to be so negative about the players that have committed to them. I hope Withey develops into an Ostertag or Aldrich and shows us all something special. A little positive encouragement does wonders. Thanks LJWorld!

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