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Road rage leads to shooting Tuesday night

I think you mean 25th and Melrose, not 28th.

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Kansas headed for another debate over evolution

1: The word "theory" when used in a scientific context such as "The Theory of Evolution" or "The Theory of Gravity," does not mean the same thing as "hey I have a theory about something." Theory, like many words has multiple senses, and when used in a scientific context means: "A coherent group of tested general propositions, commonly regarded as correct, that can be used as principles of explanation and prediction for a class of phenomena." That's the number one sense of theory on if you want to look it up. That's why the authorities you refer to call evolution a theory.

2: We don't need fossils to prove evolution; it's been proven in the lab via experiment. Look up Richard Lenski's long term e coli experiment at the University of Michigan if you don't believe me.

3: Please understand humans are NOT descended from modern apes. Modern humans and modern apes share a common ancestor. Like cousins share grandparents. No ape or ape like creature ever gave birth to a modern human. Evolution is a slow process that takes thousands of generations to work.

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Bowersock hydroelectric plant to get tall in a hurry

Dam, can't wait to see it when its finished...

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Sound off: Are stop signs in grocery store parking lots legally enforceable?

Good question, I'd like an answer to that one too.

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Steve Jobs, Apple mastermind, dies at age 56

It's even more depressing when you think that had he lived another 15-20 years; what else would of come out of his brilliant mind. RIP Steve

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A busy early morning in Lawrence

Its was the first really nice Friday night out this year, not too surprising...

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Dinner at KU serves as lesson on etiquette

Agreed! I mean really, its just food! Why not enjoy it instead of thinking about how best to hold your fork while eating.

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Lawrence Schools Foundation awards $5,000 Special Award for Dedication to Education to Lawrence High School teacher Charlie Lauts

Mrs. Lauts always was and will remain my favorite teacher that I ever had. I took her architecture and drafting classes when I was at LHS and they were the only classes I really looked forward to attending throughout the day. This is a well deserved prize, thank you for your teachings...

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Man arrested after firing weapon near Lawrence Ave.

Late night quail hunt???

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