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Kansas officials want better education coordination

Considering that the P-20 report came out in Jan 2011, it took 1.5 years to fiugre out that they needed to continue? I really doubt their earnestness now. That IS commitment to education.

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State panel wants more information before ruling on Obama’s ballot eligibility

When will this stupidity end?

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Brownback defends tax cuts as necessary to grow the economy

The fact is that Brownback could not defend his policy and had no research that said that lower taxes were THE deciding factor in changing either in- or outmigration or positive job creation. He, in fact, admitted that there are many factors involved. He has thus created policy on fuzzy facts that will permit him to claim success no matter how growth changes. Nor could he defend his policy on the grounds that he was doing something to help the unemployed or underemployed. His record of "compassion" and ongoing dialogue with these groups proves otherwise.

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Higher education official says remedial course bill has become positive

The Regents were informed of your comment about not "adequately educating" students at the JH and HS level several years ago, and they don't give a damn. BTW, any English course (ENG 101 and 102, for example) that must teach students how to use elementary punctuation is also "remedial." Then there are the geography courses in which students must take time in their first semester to learn to identify major river basins (Nile, Amazon, etc), continents, nations, mountain ranges.... Why don't students learn this in K-12?

Even the college prep course of which KU is so proud should properly be taught at the HS level as :"college prep." Duh, if students learned that they need to actually study in HS, then studying/reading/researching at the college level wouldn't be so difficult.

I've had to teach courses in which the students didn't even know elementary English grammar concepts.

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Expert sees Kansas recovering from Boeing decision

The area "can probably" provide jobs....just like it has provided me a job: PT, minimum wage, horrible hours. Maybe Boeing officials didn't exactly get their way on Sam's secret tax committee. And I guess we shouldn't listen to what his "jobs creation" committee has to say, since Boeing officials were sitting in on that one, too. More like: talk to Boeing if you want to lose jobs! But....Sam and the other Rep legislators will bow down to this economic blackmail and find a way to cut a nice, tax-relieving deal that will cost the rest of us millions for decades. What does this mean for KU's AE program??? What spin will King Sam put on this?

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Hometown of Prohibition crusader Carry Nation OKs Sunday booze sales

The LATE anti-liquor crusader? I guess that lack of alcohol or "medicine" really preserved Carrie if she just passed away. I think I'll wrap myself up in a blanket with a brandied eggnog and read abstinence tracts by that LATE Russian author Leo Tolstoy. Or maybe I should read a biography of the LATE Pres. Abraham Lincoln.

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So to speak: KU has high number of language offerings

I certainly agree w/ Akhmatova. One should perhaps take a KU course in one of these languages.... The final goal is to teach communication skills. Speakers who lack grammar skills talk like 4 year olds. Is that the level of education you want to reflect? We must remember that these same courses were the target of Brownback earlier this year--where is the followup to that story? Furthermore, let's all remember that if you actually get proficient in one of these lesser-taught/lesser-known languages, few Kansas companies will hire you. The jobs for these skills are all out of state.

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KU pushes for legacy tuition plan for out-of-state descendants of alumni

These "legacy" students are exactly the ones who should be mined for tuition $$$s. If their parents are so gung-ho about KU, they will pay for it, right? In any case, why doesn't the Provost just go to Endowment and try and find the money there? That's been the excuse nothing else gets done at KU--"Endowment doesn't have the dollars because donors don't specifically give for this/that purpose." Now there will be one more little program, competing with all the others, that donors can choose to donate to.RE: the idea that a job and paying taxes in KS leads to in-state tuition. That's b.s. (by experience)RE: the idea that one might find a job in KS after graduation. HA!! KU shows no concern over whether or not its grads find employment, or where. Do you want to prove otherwise? Well, Lariviere, why don't you help me? I have a newly-minted degree with an excellent resume and am barely surviving at the poverty level. I don't even make enough to pay my rent every month. How are you doing on your measly six-figure salary??

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KU values its distinguished profs

Too bad KU doesn't value its distinguished graduate students as well.

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Video format enlivens political debate

How bad is LJW getting that they run a wire story that references a question from a KU student, but they can't even identify the same? Are your investigative skills sinking to the level of the Daily Kansan?

BTW, I am NOT that student, not even an acquaintance.

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