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Proposed ninth-grade shift draws range of responses

Developmentally, since moving the 6th graders up to jr. high is also part of the plan, wouldn't the 8th graders then get the leadership chances thus making them mature even faster?

LHS at least does not have the room for it. That's the bottom line. There are already several classes with a size in the mid-twenties, these mainly being core classes and popular electives. In order to get the necessary room a few things would need to happen:

1: Open the annex back up for students
2: Get rid of electives that don't have at least 15 students in the class. This would give more space but at the price of losing many students favorite classes because while those classes have lower enrollment per class, many students are in at least one or two classes like that.
3: Install more lockers somewhere. There are not enough.
4: Make the primary hallways about 10 feet wider so people can walk through them. It's bad enough as it is now.

People do realize we went to two high schools mainly due to space and class sizes. Increasing the size of the high schools just makes that a problem again.

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Budget pain

I don't mind the money going into the sport programs. There are a lot of students that are smart and play football and sports. To generalize athletes as not as smart as others is untrue. They do have to maintain a decent GPA compared to the other students that don't. There is also a lot of money going into the fine arts, but if those are cut a ton of people are going to get very angry. Me included there.

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Budget pain

A student's life doesn't stay at school or at home. Their school and homelives are intertwined. It is a school problem because how a student is feeling or what they're doing affects their performance in school. School is meant to educate and provide for a students education. That means helping them get through things that may damage their chances of a future, and teaching about harmful substances. The prevention program also provides a person to talk to and teaches about depression and suicide.

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Like FDR, Obama gives America reason to hope

FDR and Obama both took office with an economic crisis on their hand. People get on Obama about the heavy deficit spending he is planning on, but FDR did the same thing. Granted, WW2 did finally pull us out of a depression, but we were going in the right direction already. If the government has to intervene in the economy due to a crisis, there will be huge deficit spending. After the economy is on track people can look for a surplus. No I didn't read any of your comments, except for the person that falsely said FDR dropped the bomb, but he did correct himself.

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Let them fail

This is why the banks cant fail:

If a bank failed then the FDIC would have to pay all the depositors of that bank for what they lost. The government can't afford to do that. If a bunch of banks failed, yes some would be bought out, but some would not.

Also, if a bank knows that your bank failed and you might lose money if you don't make them your bank the interest rates will screw you more than you already are. Also, if a bank has fails due to a bunch of bad loans, then how is their competitor that buys them out going to collect money?

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It's not a big deal really, people screw up, sometimes many times. It's not like they're going to take away his medals, so who really cares? I don't think you should smoke pot, or drink, but I'm not going to condemn those that do, because it's just one of those things that people do, even if you don't.

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Natural selection tough to legislate

You realize that there will never be a way to disprove either theory or belief right? If you say that this came from that, well where did that come from? There is no doubt that there have been adaptations and minor evolution, but that muck created life can seem ridiculous to many people. I believe in creationism, but I can't prove it to you. Just remember that in evolution, at some point nothing became something or that there have been the same particals of matter evolving for eternity. Still no irrefutable proof either way.

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Young reader questions negative stigma about marijuana

A few points people:1. Tobacco and alcohol are worse and cause worse health conditions with less possible positive effects2. Recreational and occassional users rarely hurt others and don't have a high risk of dependency or screwing things up3. In any situation you'll have people that use it way too much and blow other things off. This even happens with fast food.You can't have tobacco and alcohol legal and just say pot is the devil. I'd prefer all three be illegal, but that won't happen so be fair and decriminalize pot.

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Lawrence High Schools: Separate and Unequal? (Room 125: The LHS Podcast)

Well, you got school board members, principals, and students to give their opinions. Most of them said the same thing. I think that might mean that there should be a change, and that the two schools aren't equal. One of you though needs to be injected with like pure caffeine before he talks though, just to get rid of the monotone. This story really does matter, and the paper or the news should follow it up.

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'Urinetown' and going green (Free Speak: The Free State Podcast)

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