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Putting on a show: Keith Langford scores 47 in charity game

I really enjoyed the game, the one thing that got me was how small the Gym is for a 6A school, my high school is a 4A and it holds more people

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Do you support the effort in New York City to limit the size of sugary drinkss?

I drink 2 bottles of Mt Dew a day usually one of the big ones and then a regular size one, I am not overweight by sight standards, but by what the DRs say I should weigh I am, I could really care less what the DRs say anyway. Its not the drinks and foods that make people fat its the fact they dont get out and exercise.

Plus if its just in NYC people could go to the Bronx, Queens, or another place close and buy whatever they want

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Have you ever purchased alcohol for someone under age 21?

Yes back when I was 21-22 I did for my friends that were still underage. I also took their keys before I handed them a beer and locked them in my safe until they were good enough to drive, now only if I did that to myself my insurance wouldn't be so high

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