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Where is nation’s outrage?

Yes....and all without one of those pesky trials. Even Benedict Arnold, one of the most famous traitors of all time got a trial. By the way, that was in wartime, by today's standards making him an "enemy combatant".

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Where is nation’s outrage?

A lot of you are getting caught up in the emotion of it. Was Alawi a douchebag? Yes. Do I think he DESERVED a drone shoved up his rear? For sure.
Here's the problem a lot of us are ignoring: For the bulk of the 20th century our government continually gave itself more leeway and powers, specifically to the executive branch. One things Republicans and Democrats don't seem to differ on is once you are President, you don't take powers away from the office. So it continues to this day. Example: Obama seemed pretty intent on closing Guatanamo and getting rid of the Patriot Act while campaigning. I don't mean this as a slam on Obama.....but this is standard business as usual for our last 15 Presidents or so. I don't think anybody believes Obama is going to start arbitrarily killing American citizens without trial. But use a little foresight....Drones were just approved for massive domestic use. The executive branch doesn't give back powers it grants itself and it apparently has given itself the ability to dub an American citizen as an enemy combatant and dispose of them. An allegation is all that stands between you and a drone attack. Now envision our country 50, even 100 years from now....What does it look like? Maybe George Orwell knows.

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Two Lawrence police department employees suspended, pending investigation

I think we need a haiku...

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Two Lawrence police department employees suspended, pending investigation

Law don't go around here, Law dog.

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Solid Waste Task Force calls for required trash carts

Solid Waste Task Force? Dude, you're a garbage man. Why don't you add a few more syllables. You can change the name of the job but it doesn't change the job, garbage man.

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History lessons


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History lessons

Cicero also might have once said, "Don't look at history and make ridiculous conjecture." As someone already pointed out, giving Democrats (or any politicians) credit for our economic recovery after WWII is insanely obscene. Not only were our factories still standing, but remember, at that time Americans still didn't consider themselves above "grunt work" like today. The jobs that generation of Americans were busting their humps for, would be jobs populated by illegals today.

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Dow average plunges 513 points, worst drop since 2008

When are you people going to face the realization that we are all complicit in the downfall of this country? Republicans and Democrats for faulty leadership, and the rest of us for not demanding more from them. We were apathetic on a ship heading for an iceberg that we all saw well ahead of time, when only a slight shift would have been needed to miss it. Now, the iceberg is upon us and we all scream and shout but even cranking the wheel wont save us now. Pleasant dreams, America.

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Science takes a beating in early presidential campaign

This is always one of those subjects where there isn't sufficient understanding all over this subject.
Often, people who flock to the evolution banner aren't well versed enough to know exactly what has been tested and proven for "centuries" to be true. They try to lump to much into the evolution umbrella. What is proven (largely from Darwin's work) is that species adapt and change to survive in their environment....It's about as ironclad as science can get. However, the idea that man evolved from monkeys, reptiles, fish, single celled organisms, etc.; while having evidence that can definitely be theorized upon, lacks the hardcore evidence that science demands in order to recognize something as near-truth.
From the Christian point of view, I find that the lack of understanding comes from an almost hubristic confidence in their understanding of the Bible. Most Christians have loosely intrepeted some sections of the Bible to back up a rigid belief that the words MUST be taken literally even though the context of our time and our Western Rationalism thought pattern should give all Christians pause if they REALLY understand what it is that is written. Jesus seems to warn of this himself several times but the one that jumps to mind for me takes place in John 2 when Jesus clears the temple courts, telling the Jews to "stop turning his Father's house into a market. The Jews respond by asking "What sign can you show us to prove your authority?" Jesus answers "Destroy this temple and I will raise it in three days." The Jews then explain that "it has taken forty-six years to build this temple and you are going to raise it in three days?" The Jews because of the setting and the context immediately believe that their understanding of what Jesus has just said is complete and accurate never getting the full gist that the "temple" that Jesus is referring to is His body. To me this is clearly a parable to not immediately assume we can ever glean the full meaning from the events in the Bible while encouraging Christians to continue to challenge their presuppositions of those events.
Finally (I'm going to finish, I promise), the assumption that believing in something supernatural is strictly a religious construct is a fallacy. There are plenty of people out there with a belief in the supernatural that don't believe in the god of Abraham or any other god at least in the way that atheists think, take Wiccans for example. Likewise, I'm not sure that ID has to be a religious construct.
I feel like I rambled a bit, but at any rate what I'm trying to convey is, that I believe all our understandings of these subjects leave us woefully short of having a meaningful debate on the subjects....especially politicians.

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Dori Villalon named executive director of Lawrence Humane Society

"To go from being the Vice President of Animal Protection at American Humane Association to here is quite a step down."

Meanwhile, Midge is now the Director of Kansas Affairs for the Humane Society of the United States.....Do the math, Lawrence. It didn't work out too good for you. Oh well.

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