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Kansas House bill targets sexually oriented businesses

It's like a starving man going in to McDonalds and paying to look at the food. But, hey, less laws not more.....Pay away gentlemen.

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Letter: Violent culture

And the people will point their fingers, from their perches of plenty and piety. For the people are a tricky creature, quick to assign blame, but loath to settle on a topic of any import....Rather, they built their walls and buttresses on the battle lines of there sociopolitical make believe, where there, their pointed fingers could roam free and never, never be pointed at themselves.....for as any true thinker knows, only through introspection and taking responsibility does any real change for the better take place.

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Nuclear threat

When is the Lawrence Coalition for Peace's vigil for the victims of the firebombings of Tokyo and Dresden?

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Pharmacists could refuse to dispense contraception based on moral grounds under bill

Absolutely....they can be fired. The decision is still theirs though....but, yes, if the business they work for wants them to dispense a medication and they have some moral problem with it, they're probably going to be in need of a new job. I'm just saying they have the freedom to choose that path and government should have no part in it.
As far as the ethics of their profession, they would be the same as any other doctor: protect the patients' life and health. Since contraceptives wouldn't normally fall into that category, I don't believe ethics come into play.

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Pharmacists could refuse to dispense contraception based on moral grounds under bill

They have the moral obligation to not give any meds to their patient that will harm or kill them. They have the freedom to choose to dispense or not dispense any meds that are luxuries and have no basis on patient health. They have the freedom to carry whichever meds they wish to sell to their customers in their business. Sorry that wasn't clear to you.

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Pharmacists could refuse to dispense contraception based on moral grounds under bill

Kylechandler- That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. DOCTORS of Pharmacy have the same moral obligation to treat the patient as your family doctor. I assure you Pharmacists question Doctors' prescriptions many times a day and get them overruled because Doctors make mistakes too.
The bottom line is a Pharmacist should have the same right as a doctor to to do the service they would like.....Don't like it....Get a second opinion.

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Where is nation’s outrage?

I feel like we went on a tangent here....and you missed the point I was originally making. Arnold was brought up on several charges, most of which were dropped, but some thought were suspicious. Its probable that several officers had noticed some curious intent. He wound up being found guilty on a couple " bookkeeping" errors that had little to do with anything. However, to say he was still regarded as a patriot was not accurate considering that since he had married a Tory woman 2 years previous he had taken to associating himself with other Tories and was probably firmly entrenched in their cause. Historians go back and forth on this but it's really neither here nor there since it has little to do with my original point which was that it is of little importance whether Awlaki got what he deserved, but rather whether the government should have the ability to do such a thing. Awlaki didn't die in a military skirmish where he was openly in battle with Americans, but from a drone attack on an express order from the President of the United States. Big difference.

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Where is nation’s outrage?

December 1779. He was found guilty of 2 lesser offenses, due in no small part to the fact that G. Washington was a fan. Still, even the minor charges angered Arnold to take on more serious acts of espionage.

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Where is nation’s outrage?

True.....but conservatives rationalized Bush/Cheney's power grabs too. The problem isn't republicans OR democrats....the problem is the pattern.

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