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Former KU student arrested for botched armed robbery; second suspect in hospital with gunshot wound

I try to take people who spend all of their free time posting in online forums seriously. And your posts don't have an agenda? Please.

I'm sick and tired of people hating on people who are well off because they get away with things. Yes, it is unfair. But complaining about it instead of trying to help those who are in trouble who don't have the funds for a decent lawyer doesn't do any good. And who are you to speak for all of the citizens everywhere? Is there a brigade of bitter bloggers?

Again, people who are defending Alex are probably trying to process this because they can't see him as something who would do something like this. How is that an agenda? I am having trouble understanding this also, but I don't feel sorry for him and I believe he should be punished in whatever way the court sees fit.

I do feel sorry for his family, this must be a complete surprise to them and might blame themselves. Alex was an adult, he made up his own mind to do something this horrible and stupid.

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Former KU student arrested for botched armed robbery; second suspect in hospital with gunshot wound

You are a member who has been posting since 2005 anonymously with 2k+ comments. It seems like calling people out from behind your computer screen and being controversial are things you take pleasure in.

His family, life-circumstances, and anything else like that are irrelevant.
However you shouldn't call people out on talking about what a good person he is unless you have some experience with. Are you a family member or do you work in family's used car business? Or do you just like to spend a lot of time looking up people on the internet in order to prove your point?

People talking about what a good person he is probably are just trying to make sense of the whole thing because to them, this seems completely out of character. There is no harm in this.

People throwing out judgements and making snarky comments are either taking pleasure out of this horrible situation (for everyone involved in it) or just have nothing better to do.

Until everything is known about this particular situation, speculating and talking about it like you are an authority on the matter is no better than what appears on tabloids.

And snarky comments are cute when you are still in high school, but posting them in an anonymous online forum is just sad.

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