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Letter: Room to reflect

Do do we provide a separate room for those who speak in tongues. And where can one chant. Where can one daven out loud? There must be a variety of religions with audible prayer.

Where is money coming from.

Or might it be better to simply keep religion out of our public schools as set forth in the First amendment.

is there an approved list of prayer. And is is fair for people with no religion to subside the religious practices. of others.

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Letter: Judicial bully

Scott, there is no set rule on the number of opinions. A decision might be unanimous. Or it could be a plurality.

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What do you think the penalty should be for illegal use of fireworks?

Straight to bed without supper.

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All counties in Kansas allowing same-sex marriage licenses, but state not yet allowing name changes, joint tax returns

"Officials in Republican Gov. Sam Brownback's administration said they're still studying the high court's ruling. Kansas voters in 2005 added a provision against gay marriage to the state constitution."

What is so complicated about the Supremacy Clause that these clowns need to study?

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KU chancellor joins other university leaders in giving back pay raise

It has value as a symbolic gesture.

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Death penalty a tricky proposition in Kansas City Jewish center killings

Absolutely absurd. Howe will end up costing the taxpayers literally millions of dollars for the sole purpose of scoring a few points towards his political ambitions.

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Devonté Graham injures quad, will miss World University Games

Must be only a very slight tear. I had a fifty percent tear and required surgery. Quad tears are unusual for young athletes.

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Lawrence water customers could see significant rate increases

Apparently Andy expects everything for free. Perhaps he is a Utopian Socialist, or subscribes to some other odd type of non-complex philosophy. You can't get more non-complex than "gimme, gimme for free."

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Sight of gun at Lawrence Taco Bell spooked someone Monday night, but officers determine no crime occurred

Funny, but you don't seem like the type of person who cares a whole lot about your friends,neighbors and fellow citizens. Let em pee and weep.

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Kansas GOP senators propose taking break amid deadlock on tax talks

Buffoons and scoundrels.

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