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No easy fix for KPERS unfunded liability, lawmakers are told

Come on. What's a few measly zeros?

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Regents oppose bill requiring prospectus for all degree programs

If any indiviudal is unable to determine for themselves whether a particular course of study is viable, they probably are not coilege material.

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House panel mulls sales tax hike to close budget gap

When you break something that was properly functioning, there is but one way to fix it. Apparently the idiots in the legislature never learned that.

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Letter: Selling Kansas

Because one cannot fix stupid.

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Lawrence to pay $29,500 for citizen survey on how well local government is functioning

Waste of money. Thanks for your efforts, Matt.

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Man charged with multiple felonies after alleged Wal-Mart shoplifting leads to weapons standoff with police

Good to know that Lawrence's finest are not trigger happy. But then again, this doesn't surprise me as my gut feeling is that we have a very decent well -trained and intelligent group of men and woman serving us.

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Kansas regulation of massage industry might help prevent sex crimes, some leaders say

"we are NOT for some guy who can't find a date"

So the commentator's assumption is that guys who can find dates are looking for "happy endings???????"

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Letter: Gun concerns

"Israel has never made any public proclamations about an intent to totally destroy another nation, as Iran has done repeatedly. That's a very big difference because people actually do follow through on their threats rather often"

Thanks, landsman. Your succinct comment said everything that needed to be said.

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Lawrence food truck festival draws hundreds of hungry foodies

Sorry all. I posted to the wrong article.

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Saturday Column: Unrest highlights need for quality law enforcement

I hereby nominate this missive for the best** Dolph Simmons Jr. editorial of 2015.

**best is meant in a strictly perjorative sense, i.e. the worst of the worst .

As Roseanne Roseannadanna once said, "it's always something." The esteemed writer is proof positive that in America, when one is born into power and wealth, absolutely no talent or intellectual honesty is necessary to not merely perpetuate, but augment such power and wealth,

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