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Judge won't dismiss suit in girl's shocking death

I thought the same thing.

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Lawmakers study pros and cons of moving municipal elections to November

If people have little concern about the local elections, short and sweet ballots not going to transform them into concerned, knowledgable citizens.

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Letter: Not 'marriage'

Hear, hear. Well said, Matthew. Very well said.

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Saturday Column: Brownback must acknowledge error, alter course

It takes an inordinate amount of temerity to support Brownback's reelection, and therafter suggest that he is capable of abandoning an arrogant belief system that has heretofore demonstrated nary an ounce of self-critical reflection.

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Lawmakers study pros and cons of moving municipal elections to November

There is no reason to believe that the efficiently and increased particpation of coordinating local elections with state and national requires abandoning their nonpartisan quality. Elections are expensive, and the voters pay for it with their tax dollars.

The attention span of the typical voter is far greater than the typical first grader. to suggest otehrwise, is, at the very least amusing, and perhaps a bit insultig to most voters.

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Lawrence Community Shelter executive director to resign after six months on the job

Before we cast aspersions towards Mr. Robinson, should we consider the fact that it took a rare human being such as Loring Henderson to fulfill the responsbilities of a exceptionally difficult and thankless job.

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Lawrence Community Shelter executive director to resign after six months on the job

Perhaps an indication of the remarkable and tireless efforts Loring Henderson expended in fulfilling the responsibilities of a thoroughy thankless job .

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Middle school student disciplined for bringing throwing star to school

Over reaction? A convenient excuse for sweeping a potential problem under the carpet. So what is your response when an innocent twelve year old catches a throwing star in the chest?

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County administrator expects jail expansion to cost up to $30 million

The increased need for mental health treatment for the incarcerrated should be of no surprise, as it was the predictable outcome of successful efforts to close down our state mental health facilities. The mentally ill, formerly treated in state mental health facilities, are now wrongfully imprisoned in our local jails at a much higher cost. As a result every comunity has been left to fend for themselves in addressing a need that historically had been more effectively and efficiently addressed at the state level.

Our first reaction might be to turn to the KU School of Social Welfare for advice. But let's not forget that they were bought off for a few million dollars in grant money to support state hopsital closures.

The dilemma of funding a jail expansion without a sufficient tax base is merely the tip of the collosal iceberg looming in the foreseeable future. Still to come? The collapse of local school districts .Will food riots of the desperately hungry follow?

Folks, the grim unfolding crisis, which will only get worse, is the inevitable result of a long standing, concerted effort of the super wealthy to lower their income tax burden. When one is already worth billions of dollars, the unmitiigated fight for more is simply a pathological and irrational greed that none of us should tolerate, nor quietly bear cosequence.

What will it take to convince the majority of voters that Sam Brownback and his cronies are not exactly friends of the good people of Kansas?

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Editorial: Rocky deal

That will be a tall task. In 2012, after months of informal discussion, the City Commission announced an intent to move forward on a plan to build a rec center on city owned land near Overland and Wakarusa. Commissioner Carter cautioned that money was tight, and with the apparent need for a new police facility, the city could afford 15 or 16 million dollars tops. Those plans were quickly highjacked by Frizel and KU. The result: we spent nearly double of "the most we could afford" for a facilty of inferior quality that is alreaady starting to fall apart and which is located, for all practical purposes, out of town.

Some have claimed that the city will benefit from the dollars brought in by basketball and other tournaments. HOw many decades of tournaments will it take to generate enough tax revenue to recoup the additional 15 million dollars we spent as a result of Fritzel's intervention.

November 20, 2014 at 1:35 a.m. ( | suggest removal )