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Kansas GOP senators propose taking break amid deadlock on tax talks

Buffoons and scoundrels.

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Sight of gun at Lawrence Taco Bell spooked someone Monday night, but officers determine no crime occurred

Just another responsible gun owner exercising his constitutional right to carry a weapon for protection. I hear the Youth Sports Complex is a pretty dangerous place, with organized gangs of kids constantly wielding bats.

You can never be safe enough.

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Kansas Senate rejects repealing sales tax exemptions

"Taxes are wrong. Taxes are legalized theft," said Smith, a former police officer and ex-school teacher

The guy is obviously an unmitigated and unreconstituted idiot. Where in the hell does he think the money came from to pay his salaries as a police officer and school teacher.

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GOP lawmakers in Kansas remain sharply divided on taxes; Senate debating tax bill this evening

This is hilarious. The Republican Party has a super majority yet they are no closer to resolving the issues than they were weeks ago.

They can't blame this on the Kansas Democrats.

That leaves taking full responsibility themselves...... or blaming Obama.

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Threat of furloughs looms large as Kansas tax debate continues

Some of the rats are already abandoning what is an obvious sinking ship.

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City commissioners struggle with questions of timing on police headquarters proposal

I agree that law enforcement should be represented on the ad hoc committee, but they should not be in the majority. This should be a joint decision on the part of the citizens and the police, but the police should not have majority rule or the final say. Otherwise, the end result will be what the police want, and not what is workable and affordable for all of us.

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Kansas Senate rejects tax bill; House postpones debate

Pyle referred to all taxes as a form of "coercion" and "a means of legal plunder," adding, "I told people in my district that I would oppose any and all tax increases."

That makes Pyle a self-acknowledged coercive plunderer as his legislative salary is funded by the plundered and coercive taxes he so vehemently opposes.

The only way he can avoid owning his hypocrisy is agreeing to work for free. Fat chance.

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Tax plans coming together, but business owners' taxes still a hot issue

Nope. Got a scholarship to a liberal arts college. You would not have liked it there. Too many critically complex folks.

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Haskell suspends football program, possibly others, to cut costs

Andy, my answer is too critically complex for a simpleton to grasp,

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Haskell suspends football program, possibly others, to cut costs

You may have "spoken" with Russell Means, but, he, Dennis Banks, and my parents were having a good time in our living room on Ohio Street while I was trying to study for a high school chemistry test back in the early seventies. My late father worked closely with the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation to recover St. Mary's College from the Jesuits, which sat on land that had been stolen from their people in the 19th century. I have probably forgotten more about Native American culture and history over the years than you would ever hope to know. He also produced and directed a feature documentary film on the Potawatomis with a graduate KU film student. I assisted with some of the editing.

My father was made an honorary member of AIM, allegedly the only white man who was ever issued a AIM card.

Try your "I spoke and met with Russell Means" on someone else.

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