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Just Food says it was 'shocked' by Farmer's handling of business; whether crimes were committed 'to be determined'

I think that is why the Board of Directors has hired an accountant.

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Just Food says it was 'shocked' by Farmer's handling of business; whether crimes were committed 'to be determined'

The Board is claiming that until very recently, they had absolutely no idea that Jeremy was lying to them in his representations that he was continuing to engage professional accountants. A perfunctory glance at those forms--ignoring all numbers and simply looking at the signature blocks--should have revealed Jeremy's deception. Accordingly, and based on everything that we the public now know, for almost a year, until late July of this year when an IRS agent showed up in town, it appears, absent an explanation from the board that may be forthcoming, that perhaps nary a board member had even glanced at the 2013 tax return before it was filed.

Of course, the Board may have a different explanation once they complete their internal audit and investigation.

If this is what happened, it’s more than a simple mistake, but a monumental lapse in even the most rudimentary oversight.

I am by no means suggesting the Board was trying to cover for Jeremy. Instead, I believe their failures lay in the inordinate and inappropriately large amount of trust they placed in a man who was unveiled recently as apparently deceptive with a history of questionable financial practices.

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Just Food says it was 'shocked' by Farmer's handling of business; whether crimes were committed 'to be determined'

Carol, as I read this story, the Board states that Jeremy represented to them that he was continuing to engage professional accountants to prepare Just Food's tax forms as had been their standard practice since at least 2012. The 2012 tax form was signed by a local accounting firm. The signature was “in print” meaning that it was not hand signed in pen by the accountant, but instead mechanically printed on the final draft that Farmer was obligated to present to the Board for review and approval. The 2013, form, however, was hand signed by Mr. Farmer, in ink, on August 1, 2014. There is a space on those forms for a "paid preparer" e.g., an accountant, to sign by hand or “in print.” That space was left bank on the 2013 return. To the best of my knowledge, the signature of a paid preparer is mandatory if, in fact, they materially participate in preparing the return. In other words, if you are paid to prepare it, you are required to sign it. I cannot imagine that a professional accounting firm would let the final draft of an institutional return leave their offices without either a hand signature or a signature “in print.”

Farmer’s August 1, 2014 signature essentially means that the 2013 return has been subject to public scrutiny for about a year. The pubic has a right, but not an obligation, to review those returns. The Board of Directors, however, has a duty to inspect those returns for accuracy. That is one of their many obligations as board members.

If one goes to Schedule O of the return (page 26/27) you will see the following entry near the top of the page:


While I am not well versed in business or non-profit law, I believe this statement is probably taken word for word from Just Food’s articles of incorporation or other charter document.

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Letter: Think about it

Most of our national ;politicians are scoundrels, regardless of whether they have an "R" or a "D" after their name, the only difference being the degree of dishonesty.

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Federal court: Ex-Lawrence police sergeant in KU ticket scandal not fired for racist reasons

Apparently, the decision was issued only yesterday. Nothing at all unusual about reporting it in the following day's newspaper. I don't believe Mr. Corliss had anything at all to do with the decision to report the court's ruling to the public, or the story's timing. This is what a capable local newspapers does--a story of local relevance reported at the first available opportunity.

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Editorial: Positive legacy

Agreed, Stuart. LMH is top notch. Mr. Meyer did an wonderful job leading our community's hospital for nearly two decades. He well deserves the praise of this editorial.

Thanks are also in order to the many health care professionals who lead the fight to keep the for-profit Columbia/HCA out of our fine town.

And finally, we shouldn't forget all of the wonderful employees and volunteers of Health Care Access, its Board of Directors, and the many churches, civic organizations, corporations, business leaders and individuals whom have generously contributed their time and money in providing quality health care to many people of Douglas County who cannot afford health insurance.

We are definitely a community that cares about ourselves and each other.

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Just Food says it was 'shocked' by Farmer's handling of business; whether crimes were committed 'to be determined'

I agree. It is absurd for anyone to suggest that the Board of Directors and/or individual members were somehow "in cahoots" with Mr. Farmer on all of this. All of the Board members are successful, professional, well established, and respected members of our community. Simply put, they were “asleep of at wheel." And when I referenced that famous scene from Casablanca, I did not intend to make fun of the "shock" based on any claimed or alleged Board complicity in Mr. Farmer's mismanagement of funds, but instead was pointing out that when basic oversight principles are not practiced, no one should be shocked that Mr. Farmer's misdeeds went unnoticed for a year. We need to remember that Mr. Farmer fooled thousands of people. Nonetheless, a quick glance of the 2013 returns prepared and signed by Mr. Farmer over a year ago,, combined by the lack of any indication of a "paid preparer" on the form, should have clearly sent up a red flag and provided ample evidence that Mr. Farmer had dismissed the professional accountants, and that his alleged representations to the board to the contrary were plainly and clearly not true.

I understand the Board Member are all volunteers and sincerely believe in the mission of Just Food. The problem was they had a similar belief in Mr. Farmer's integrity and honesty, and like thousands, they were duped. The solution is to learn from these mistakes and practice a more concerted vigilance. I am sure all non-profit boards in Lawrence will learn a valuable lesson from this debacle, and will double-down to ensure their oversight is consistent with best practices

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Just Food says it was 'shocked' by Farmer's handling of business; whether crimes were committed 'to be determined'

"Farmer dismissed the agency's accountant “some time ago without board consideration or knowledge, and misrepresented an ongoing relationship.”

Question: Back in April, I perused Just Food's 990's which were available on-line.

The 2012 990 was prepared by the Kohart Accounting, 901 Kentucky St. Suite 301,

The 2013 990 (due on April 15, 2014, with an automatic extension available) was prepared by Jeremy Farmer and signed in August of that year. No "Paid Preparer's" signature is indicated on the form.

The 2014 990 was not available.

If I, as a private citizen, knew four months ago that Farmer had apparently dismissed the accountants over a year ago--simply by looking at a few documents available to all on the internet--and was apparently preparing the forms himself, how could the Board of Directors of Just Food not be aware of those same facts?

Captain Renault: I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!

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