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KU law student files for seat on Lawrence City Commission

Was at Rock Chalk Park for the first time today. Does anyone else find it odd that there is scant locker space and no showers.

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Community embraces 'wild' sights and sounds of Obama visit

When asked about specific issues they were protesting on Thursday, one member said to wait a second and he would get out his list. Then he took out his wallet and removed a list that he carries with him: Benghazi, the IRS, Fast and Furious, and “that Obamacare is just a terrible mess.”

Well, well, what do you know.... A bona fide, card carrying idiot. Never in a million years did I ever think Faux News talking points would become so complicated to some folks that they would have to carry them on pocket cue cards.

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President Obama to speak Thursday morning at KU; tickets available Tuesday

Interesting........ And here I thought that President's customarily deliver speeches while standing.

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Letter: A moral crisis

The sky is falling... the sky is falling ....

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Letter: A moral crisis

"Please get your facts straight."

Great idea, Fred. Let's start with you.

People who wages are below poverty level do not qualify for a subsidy under the HCA, nor do they qualify for Medicaid in Kansas unless they are fully disabled or a child.

"The medicaid expansion would help those that make too much to qualify for Medicaid now or the subsidy."

Again, you are wrong. The medicaid expansion would allow coverage to those folks whose income falls below the poverty line but are neither fully disabled nor a minor.

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City Commission set to decide whether it wants audit of Rock Chalk Park work

I am flabergasted. The purpose of an audit is to ensure the taxpayers did not overpay. If they are going to do it, they need to do it right. One cannot be half pregnant. Likewise, one cannot do a half-assed audit. I simply don't understand the self-imposed deadline of less than one month, unless, of course, the audit is purely for show and the commissioners are hoping the time constraint will ensure nothing usual will be uncovered.

The only time parameter should be whatever reasonable time is necessary to do a competent and thorough audit.

The narrow time window will not only scare off reputable firms, but it will no doubt require a premium. "Yeah, we can do a rush job, but its going to cost more."

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Lawrence woman spends weeks, $2,000 to find lost cat

Apparently you are not an animal lover. But what is apparent is that you are an exceptionally rude person.

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Opinion: Kochs to blame? In your dreams

"communists n this country" ?????


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Letter: Undue criticism

If the folks of East Lawrence fail in their efforts at self-determination, it is naive to assume that the the outcome will, by default, be determined by the Lawrence citizenry at large. Insteaad, it will be determined by the developers. I'd rather see the people of East Lawrence, control the direction of their neighborhood rather than a couple of rich guys hungry for another buck.

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