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Eldridge Hotel proposes major expansion; Lawrence lands on startup list; family fun center update

Of course not. Why should the millionaire owners pay for parking structures when they suckered taxpayers into building the parking garage as part of the library remodel. Sure, its a block away, but so what. They can hire plenty of of minimum wage parking valet attendants with the money they saved by not having to building parking spaces. And with plenty of profit left over.

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Poll: Brownback 47%; Davis 40%

I fear Davis is going to have an uphill battle. He has a chance at winnng, but I think he needs to come out swinging against Brownback and clearly demarcate differences in the policies and how Brownback is slowly destroying the economy by serving the very wealthy.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Pinball, dancing and student hangouts of old

Dancing and alcohol? A dangerous combination. Next thing you know, they 're fornicating on the tables.

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Kansas Supreme Court blasts bill signed into law by Brownback

Our Supreme Court tends to me very middle of the road to moderately conservative, and very able intellectually. Historically, they have been very quiet and temperate. Accordingly, you really have to piss them off to precipitate public comments such as the above

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Letter: Koch goals

That "something he believes in" is money.

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Letter: Koch goals

Er, John. Guess you didn"t know that Bloomberg ran for NY mayor first as a republican, and thereafter as an independent. And I agree, Bloomberg should not be able to buy an election either.

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Letter: Koch goals

The LJW apparently does not approve of any criticism of the wealthy.

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Wolf earns big money from government health care programs he criticizes

If ihe thinks it is wrong, he shouldn't take the money in the first place. No different than all the "family values" republicans being caught with their pants down.

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Letter: Koch goals

Brock that was a typo. And you know it. Do you have anything constructive to contribute?. If not, spare yourself the wasted time and effort, and the rest of us the grief. Your comments are about as annoying as an elusive mosquito that periodically buzzes one's head.

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Letter: Koch goals

There is nothing liberal nor conservative about Graham's position. It is simply an astute factual observation free of intellectual dishonesty. In previous times, both parties were capable of such discourse.

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