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Koch gives $11.25 million to Wichita State

Very geneous of them. Considering their net worth, it is the same percentage as a person worth $100,000 dontating $12.50.

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Lawrence to seek audit on Rock Chalk Park; delays final payment

I hope it goes a long way to easing the public’s concerns,” Schumm said.

It is going to be difficult, if not impossible, to undo the damge caused by the serial arrogance of most of the commission in ignoring the many objections lodged by taxpayers throughout the process.

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Lawrence rejects reduced parking for apartment complex near KU

Well, well, well. The City Commission finally told a bunch of millionaires "no." Not only that, but they refused to rubberstamp the city planning department.

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Lawrence rejects reduced parking for apartment complex near KU

The decision was 5-0.

'Commissioners unanimously rejected the idea'

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Prosecutor: No criminal charges warranted in case of woman who died in jail

Absolutely outrageous. If I am ever in that area, I will be sure to never spend a dime of my money in that county.

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Proposed apartment building near KU seeks another parking exemption from City Hall; WOW in negotiations to keep Discovery Channel; city to host food/toy drive Monday

We can trust KU....... Can't we????? They covered our backs so well in our Rock Chalk "partnership."

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Lawrence High senior aces ACT

Congratulations. A feat to be very proud of.

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Letter: Historical parallel


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Letter: Smear campaign

Paul Davis is not without blame. The anti-Brownback sentiment was already there. Instead of running as "anybody but Brownback" it was incubment upon his campaign to prsent a cogent plan to put Kansas back on the right track. In this regard, he failed miserably.

The only folks who showed any fight were the Republican officials who had the courage and principle to buck their party and come out publicly against Brownback. Had Davis shown a similar tenacity, the results would probably have been much different.

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Editorial: Mental health needs

"The primary plan for reducing the census at Osawatomie is to look for ways to move patients into psychiatric beds in community hospitals or transition them to services provided by the state’s 26 licensed community mental health centers like Bert Nash Mental Health Center in Lawrence."

That plan has been in place since the State closed most of its mental health facilities. Community hospitals simply don't have the wherewithal to treat the chronically mentally ill, nor do community mental health centers. That's why many of them end up in jail or prison, at a far greater cost, which is borne at the local, as opposed to state level.

The only tenable plan is to reopen closed facilities. But as long as the Koch boys and their ilk are driven by a sociopathic urge to accumulate more and more money than they could spend in dozens of lifes, and continue to hijack the ;public electoral process with so-called "think tanks" and millions in soft money contributions, things aren't going to change--unless and until the majoirty of voters realize that politicians such as Sam Brownback serve the super weatlhy, and not the orindary citizen.

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