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Ride-along recap: What I learned from the passenger seat of a Lawrence police car

Glad to know Lawrence has professional cops who simply ignore the many insults hurled at them by a certain segment of the population. Although it is not a pefect police department--I doubt one exists anywhere in the country--I think it's pretty good. The offices don't deserve the abuse based on "guilt by association." This is not the Ferguson Police Department.

Folks need to back off and let them do their job without the annoying and petty insults. You never know when you will need to call one to protect yourself, your loved ones, or your friends. Cut them a little slack, people. `8+

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Kansas seeks to block release of voting machine paper tapes

What a fricking hypocrite. Kobach is going the full nine yards to stamp out unsubstantiated "voter fraud" but when a legitimate inquiry is made by a professional mathematician, he balks. What a despicable scoundrel.

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Large class sizes at some Lawrence elementary schools concern parents

This is the result of electing right wing republicans to office. Want better schools? Then vote better?

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Editorial: Kasold questions

So what. What is the point of having a bike lane for only a six block stretch of the roadway.

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Editorial: Kasold questions

the claimed advantage is only for a six block stretch from 8th to 14th streets, and is de minimis when compared with the possible downside. A very ill advised idea.

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Lawrence mayor resigns as director of Just Food; nonprofit has $50K in unpaid taxes; divorce deposition alleges past mismanagement

Did Mr. Farmer suggest that the Journal World contact Lakepointe Church regarding a Youth Pastor job he held for approximately 1.5 years but inexplicably failed to mention in the resume he provided the League of Women Voters during his campaign for the City Commission?

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Lawrence Mayor Jeremy Farmer submits resignation to city

(continuation from directly above)

Perhaps he didn't list that job because, as stated by his ex-wife in her divorce deposition, that was where he had "been accused previously of a similar thing [misappropriating funds] in another job." Had he listed that 1.5 year job which appears he may have been fired from, anyone investigating his background during the campaign may have been compelled to contact Lakepointe and question the circumstances of his departure, which answer may have been detrimental to his political campaign. That would have been a very distinct possibility, as had Lakepointe been correctly listed, it would have been his very last job before leaving the ministry for the non-profit sector. During his campaign, Farmer gave a very cryptic explanation as to why he had left the ministry, and his very vague answer may have precipitated anyone investigating Farmer to contact his last known ministry employer for clarification.
. .
By failing to list a job of 1.5 years in duration, Mr. Farmer faced the dilemma of having a large gap in his employment history, which would have obviously raised some tough questions for a City Commission candidate. Perhaps Mr. Farmer saw a solution in moving back the start of his employment with Project Hope Food Bank from October of 2010 to September of 2008, and as later amended after the election, to March of 2009.

By correcting my earlier statement, it now appears that Mr. Farmer’s campaign resume representations were even farther from the truth than I initially believed.

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Lawrence Mayor Jeremy Farmer submits resignation to city

Correction. I wrote above that Mr. Farmer left "Lifepoint Church for a youth ministry position at Lakepointe Church in Hot Springs. He didn’t last very long there, and was gone by the New Year." My statement that “he didn’t last very long there” was in error.

Instead of listing his Lifepointe Youth Ministry position on his campaign resume, he told the League of Women Voters that he went directly from Lakepointe Church to Project Hope Food Bank in September of 2008. That would have been impossible, as Project Hope did not even exist until March of the following year.

Farmer subsequently changed his resume post-election on his LinkedIn page, claiming that he started with Project Hope not, as claimed in his campaign resume, in 9/2008, but in March of 2009.

It now appears that his corrected claim to have started with the food bank in March of 2009 is also factually incorrect. As explained in a recent LJW article, "[a] resume that Farmer has posted online states he began working for Project Hope Food Bank in Hot Springs, Ark., in March 2009. But Ted Thompson, the director both then and now of the food bank, said Farmer did not start working for the food bank until October 2010, more than a year-and-a-half later than Farmer claims to have started at the food bank."

So, the question becomes, what did Mr. Farmer do for a living between September of 2009 when he started his second church job at Lakepointe Church, and October of 2010 when he started working for the Project Hope Food Bank.

Since writing my statement that Mr. Farmer was "gone by the new year" I have had the opportunity to correspond with a person who claims to have been a close friend of Mr. Farmer's and who also claims to have attended Lakepointe Church while Mr. Farmer served as a Youth Minister. According to this person, Mr. Farmer was the Youth Pastor at Lakepointe Church from September of 2008 to March of 2010, and not for just a few months, as I initially stated. My apologies for the error.

That same person also told me that "everything Jeremy's ex-wife stated in the divorce [deposition] is true."

With the correction of my earlier misstatement, it now appears that Mr. Farmer may have not simply failed to list a job on his campaign resume that lasted "only a few months" but instead, a job of nearly one and a half years in duration.

Why would Mr. Farmer fail to list a job of approximately 1.5 years in duration on his campaign resume, especially when he told potential voters that he was well experienced in the ministry? 5.5 years at three churches would certainly have been more impressive to some voters than 4 total years at two churches.

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City: Former mayor used government credit card for personal expenses, claiming his own cards had been 'compromised'

I incorrectly assumed the two ties were similarly priced. One cost more than fifty dollsrs, and the other one less than fifty dollars. With tax the two ties totaled about a hundred dollars. So the ties weren't "fifty buck per." Since together the cost around 100, they averaged fifty per.

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