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Dog found shot along Highway 24, Humane Society providing surgery; Naked man runs into traffic at 23rd and Mass; Name released in Wednesday police chase

Nice work LPD officers!!!! Since I don't know all the facts, I cannot say for certain, but it appears that department policy may have allowed you to use your tasers. That the officers elected to subdue this mentally ill person without using a taser reflects well on their patience and concern for an emotionally disturbed person who posed a potential threat to officer safety.

Way to go!!!

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Letter: Higher wage lessons

Bart, please define "ten dollars worth of work"

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Proposed Lawrence schools budget has first property tax increase in five years

$1,055 for a $160,000 is only the amount that is levied by the school district against real property. There are other taxing entities in the county, including county government and city government, which also levy taxes against real property. The difference between the total amount of property tax on a 160,000 home minus $1,055.00 is the amount that these other entities levy.

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Lawrence event to remember civil rights activist shot in the 70s

People who "wonder" are typically trying to make a point. What's yours?

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Letter: Higher wage lessons

Yup, that's our "liberal" boy. No wonder the developers support him so much.

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Letter: Higher wage lessons

Our esteemed Mayor, Jeremy Farmer, is against raising the minimum wage. . Don't take the article too seriously. It is full of holes and misstatements.

Of course, we need to remember that Jeremy has a vested intested in keeping the poor poor. He makes a nice living--around 65K per year--handing out free food.

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Letter: Higher wage lessons

Great response, Brett!!

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Sheriff's deputies help remove snake from Douglas County Jacuzzi; dog attacks woman mowing lawn; no boundaries for registered sex offenders and schools

Joe was a great guy. I live in a berm house with a lot of fields surrounding it. A few years ago one morning I opened the door to the garage only to find a big old snake taking a nap on the threshold. I quickly closed the door, grabbed my digital camera, opened the door momentarily to take a couple of pictures, and closed it.

I emailed Joe. He responded within half an hour and told me not to worry, that it was just a rat snake .

When I checked again it was gone, but i did step carefully through the garage that morning.

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Police: Lawrence 10-year-old 'doing fine' after father accidentally shot him Friday

"Should BBQ owners that go to the movies with a rusted out charcoal grill still burning on a wood deck be prohibited from owning BBQ grills?"

Funny, but I searched the internet thoroughly and could not come up with one fatality caused by a BBQ owner leaving a rusted out charcoal grill burning on a wood deck after leaving to catch a flick.

However, up to one hundred CHILDREN are accidentally killed each year by firearms. That doesn't include adults, nor the total number of people--children and adults-- accidentally maimed or otherwise seriously injured.

There is absolutely no comparison.

I give your analogy a big fat F.

Try again.

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