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Police respond to multiple incidents overnight, numerous arrests made

I'm willing to bet she didn't beat him up. They consider it battery if you lightly touch a police officer on the shoulder.

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Evacuation lifted for homes near Langston Hughes school in west Lawrence after large grass fire

We haven't had a helicopter since 2008, when the parent company decided to sell it. I'm sure the other stations are en route, though.

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Images from the Dear Lawrence photo project

Phyllis Copt -- I think she was my 7th grade geography teacher.

These are really well done -- loved seeing all the photos.

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At Kansas senators' request, committee will not consider Steve Six's nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals

This sounds like a back room deal to me. Roberts and Moran agree to some request/demand by Leahy or other Democrats in exchange for the committee dropping the nomination.

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Group hoping to get KAWR, a community radio station, up and running in Lawrence

The construction permit says 89.9 mHz.

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Kassie Liebsch pleads guilty to wire fraud, faces up to 20 years in prison in KU ticket scandal

This is from the U.S. Attorney's office. Like the others, I'm sure she thought she wouldn't get caught.

Liebsch, who started as a freshman at KU in the fall of 2001, was hired as a student worker at the Kansas Athletics Ticket Office. She answered phones, helped customers, processed mail and took orders for tickets to athletic events. When she graduated in 2005, co-defendant and Associate Athletic Director Charlette Fay Blubaugh hired her as a systems analyst at a salary of $30,000 a year. In the course of her duties, Liebsch worked with co-defendants Rodney Jones and Ben Kirtland, both of whom were employed by the Williams Educational Fund, the fund-raising arm of KU Athletics.
Upon becoming a systems analyst in 2005, Liebsch received requests for tickets to athletic events from Jones and Kirtland. At first, she sought Blubaugh's approval before providing the tickets. Then Blubaugh told Liebsch she had set aside a group of tickets for the Williams Educational Fund and Liebsch no longer needed to ask permission. Blubaugh told Liebsch "never tell Rodney and Ben no" when they asked for tickets. Sometime in 2005, Jones began giving Liebsch cash. He showed her how to convert the cash to money orders in amounts low enough to avoid currency reporting requirements. Rather than alerting athletic officials to the scheme, Jones joined the conspiracy. She continued to provide tickets to Jones, Kirtland and others, knowing that some or all of the tickets would be sold to third parties in violation of university policy. She continued accepting money from Jones that she knew came from the proceeds of tickets being sold in violation of university policy. She took part in phone conversations with Charlotte Blubaugh and Kirtland in which Kirtland said he had received money from Jones and Blubaugh talked about making changes to the ticket computer system before responding to a law enforcement request for information on ticket assignments. Liebsch used some of the cash she got from Jones to make payments on a 2008 Toyota Camry.
In addition to diverting tickets, the conspirators misled the Director of Athletics to believe that a computer system was in place to prevent tickets from being stolen, converted or taken by fraud.

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Lawrence hills provide perfect locations for sledding

Saddlehorn Dr. (where my parents still live) and Wagonwheel Dr. -- steep and slippery, great for sledders!

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Did you leave these photos on our doorstep?

It appears the name of the school ends in A. I can't determine the other letters, but there is no obvious match with "Cougars" in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska or Oklahoma (other than Ada, but I think that's clear enough to eliminate Ada).

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Wrong-way driver dies in Monday's K-10 accident; other driver in critical condition

When my grandfather was alive, the Illinois DMV kept renewing his license well into his 80s, even though he would regularly lose circulation in his feet (causing massive swelling) and suffered dizzy spells when he turned his head to the left. Even though he had a license, we prohibited him from driving, going as far as taking the keys. Older people are surprisingly good at hiding their deficiencies to hang on to one of their last pieces of independence (driving).

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New beginnings: Lawrence High football ready to move past 1-8 season

Even when I was at Lawrence High School, 15+ years ago, several terrific athletes in my class who could have easily excelled at football gave it up by their senior years to play soccer instead. Keep in mind, LHS football rarely lost a game in those days.

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