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Record aside, senior transfers still proud of KU football experience

I hope I'm not drinking the coolaid, but thanks in part to the commitment these guys made this year, I think we're headed in the right direction. Need to give coach Weis enough time now to get it up to speed from here.

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Opinion: Tony Pierson represents hope for KU football

Remember Mark Mangino's first few seasons? Talk about hopeless!
I'm willing to enjoy what Weis and Co., can do. We'll get there. And if not, we'll get to enjoy a few bright spots like Tony Pierson and James Sims.
I'm still proud of this team and look forward to the future.

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Chiefs’ draft record draws focus

I just laugh. The true decline of this organization began when Clark took over after Lamar's passing. It started in the administration when their philosophy went from, serve the fans, to MAKE US MORE MONEY!!!!!! I know. I was working in the administration when it happened. And no, i wasnt fired, so thats not why im crankie about it. The make more money philosophy supports Clark's and Tavia's lifestyle and Pioli not letting players visit KU MED on Thanksgiving, or having nearly any community connection suggests the total disdain they have for their fans.
Until fans of the Chiefs stop going to games and buying season tickets with misplaced preseason optimism, Clark and Pioli will keep putting garbage on the field and cashing their multi-million dollar checks. You don't have to have a decent team in the NFL to make a TON of money.
Clark Hunt and Scott Pioli are the laughing stock of pro sports. The rub is that they don't care, because their laughing all the way to the bank.

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Group says a number of Kansas Republicans support legislation authorizing the arrest of federal officials who implement Obamacare

Scoutshonor, I don't know if I'm snide enough for you, but I'll tell you a good plan if you'll show me that republicans have an agenda that differs from "Absolutely no new taxes." and "we are against anything the Dems are for".
Doesn't matter what The President's (oh I bet that REALLY infuriates you!) plan is, if the "opposition's" plan is to never agree on anything.
If Romney had won, I'd be saying similar thing to Senate Dems. Your platform CANNOT be "We are for whatever they are against, and against whatever they are for."
If a rep is NOT prepared to compromise, then his or her constituents are ID10T's for electing that rep.
Can't you see what 4 years of this crud has reaped on our nation? All I'm asking for is rational thought, which it seems the extreme forces on both sides are incapable of. Ron Paul just happens to represent that for Republicans and to suggest the arrest of Federal officials for enacting law deemed constitutional by our Supreme Court (that's how our system works whether you like it or not) is ludicrous.

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