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Kansas Department of Agriculture preparing for move to Manhattan

This is a roundabout way to cut the employee head count for the KDA. "We are moving. Oh yeah, you need to move yourself."

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Lawrence man punched in face by stranger on Massachusetts Street

It's always over a woman...

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Kim may have overplayed his hand

North Korea has enough ordinance pointed at Seoul that it would wipe it out in 15 minutes. Then we would blow NK apart? Unlikely.
China talks all restrained. But in the Korean War they pored across the border. We were fighting a proxy war against China. Not much different now.

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Opinion: Song’s racial theme misses mark

It is "racist" for Pitts to use the phrase "somebody ought to pull his black card".
He says that "walking a mile in someone else's skin" is essentially trite, but when they don't go deep enough to experience his not-so-"mysterious and exotic" blackness then a person fails and it damages their racial street cred.
"Drop your presumptions...and listen to somebody". It goes both ways. One of my good friends is black, although not that that factoid matters. When he walked downtown Wichita and rarely saw a black professional person's face, he lamented. When he moved from Wichita to Virginia and saw black professionals who were numerous, and remarkably "normal" he was so pleased that he had to tell me all about it.
And yet Pitts would also excoriate these people for "not being black enough", for "being white", and he would likely "pull their black cards" too.

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Opinion: Presidential apology is due

The double standard is that if a Repub or white guy called Obama as "Barry" or "brotherman" orwrote this article there would be an outcry that there was no "respect for the office".

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Editorial: Thatcher inspiration

"to change a tottering socialist society to a positive and optimistic free market"

I can't believe that I am reading this in a LJW editorial.

The latter half of the article is true. Obama is the anti-Thatcher.

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Gun rights bills on target for final passage

Passing these bills is no different than the Left passing their bills. If the Constitution is sacrosanct then why pass these bills?

And for a State worker to try to arrest a Fed? HA!

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Sandra Fluke says immigration reform crucial to women's movement

Funny how "advocate" and "activist" are used interchangeably, but only based on one's political leanings/slant.

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Opinion: ‘Reform’ may make process worse

The whole system is broken. The two parties have become extremist. Moderate candidates can't win. Big money talks.

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Advocates for people with developmental disabilities alarmed by bill before the Senate

I got a better idea - charge people driving Prius and other hybrid cars additional money. They are using less fuel and "not paying their fair share" in fuel taxes.

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