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Charles Koch plans $200,000 media ad campaign in Wichita

"A PR campaign in Wichita? Isn't that like sleeping with the choir?"
Not really. He is really aiming it at union workers in Wichita.

But I don't see the impact - everyone either works at Koch, has worked at Koch, or knows someone who works at Koch (Ok, maybe not the poor folks).
Koch Industries favors hiring and keeping employees that will be, or act like they are, true believers in his Market Based Management. If you managed to get through their screening and get hired, any whiff that you aren't a true believer and "out the door with you". No justification needed.

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Kobach considering filing charges against protesters who came to his home

Definitely illegal. As a protester you cannot come on the property, you must stay on the street or side walk, and keep moving (like walk back and forth).
You can't come on a person's property or his driveway or porch. This is no different than the abortion protesters in Wichita who put lawn chairs on Dr. Tiller's lawn and and staked crosses into the lawn.

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Opinion: Climate change we can’t ignore

It would have made more sense if the LJWorld forum would not take out the line breaks separating the arguments. (but I thought that maybe you could follow 1, 2, 3 in order).

Really easy: coal plant (the coal plant existence in Lawrence is such a slam to the activist street cred that it is a joke), eat less meat, more biz, less commuting. How hard is that to understand?

A lot easier than your climate change tech solution that no one has ever seen and no one, not locally, not nationally, takes seriously.

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Opinion: Climate change we can’t ignore

While the science may be settled, you logical argument is flawed. If millions of years ago we were at this level and seas were 50 feet higher, then why not now at the ppm same levels?
China is pumping coal into the atmos and will never sign climate restrictions. And our wind farms are killing eagles.
Note : A tax is never "revenue neutral". Come on, it will never pass. Period.
What you/we can do:
1. Shut down the coal plant in Lawrence. You think that the KU signs on the turnpike are Lawrence's signature to travelers? No. The coal plant is the main remembrance of passing in state and out of state motorists. How to shut it down? Protest. Lay across the track of the train carrying coal to the plant (OK that last suggestion was a little extreme).
2. Eat less meat
3. Encourage more real dollar business in Lawrence. Besides KU workers, retail on Mass Street, apartment managers, and call center workers, what else do we have? Release the stranglehold on new businesses. Then there will (maybe) be less commuting greenhouse gasses to KC and Topeka. Of course, they are planning on widening K10 to 6 lanes within the next 10 years.

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Bowersock officially opens $25 million power plant on the Kaw

And to run two of those four turbines they have to raise the dam level and back water up the Kansas River. And it still ain't enough.
Not to mention the boondoggle - so we have a hydro plant. Doesn't make a dent in the spewing coal plant that is Lawrence's memorable landmark on the turnpike.

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Republicans push through proposal blocking the desires of advocates for the developmentally disabled

...the moral test of a person is how that person treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life; the sick, the needy and the handicapped.

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Project Graduation party offers students safe fun and prizes—including an SUV

Car dealer donates 16 year old car and crows about "giving back to the community". Wow.

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Letter: Evil deeds

Carl, did you even read the verses you quoted? Verses 3 and 5 start with "No" in answer to "did they sin more than the others to deserve this?" Then he makes a global statement about repentence.
Likewise in John when the disciples asked whether the man blind from birth sinned, or did his parents sin to deserve this? Jesus answered "no" again.
The first century world had the view that if bad things happened to you then you deserved it. If good things happened to you or you were rich, then you deserved it. Does this sound familiar? This is the way most people believe today. And especially our governnor, who believes that the poor obviously did something to deserve it.

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City of Lawrence begins using new automated trash truck

Typically when cities switch to the truck with the arm, the answer to yourv question about extra stuff is "no".

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'Green' theology scholar preaches return to our roots

Let's get real - until the last hundred years or so man had a diet consisting of meat and bread. Vegetarianism, or any significant part of the diet being vegetables, was "unsustainable" here and anywhere north because of growing seasons.
Not only that but the major religions Christianity, Judaism, and Islam do not have earth worship as part of their faith.

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