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Kansas officials on new health exchange: Be patient

"We have a lot of visitors on the site right now.
Please stay on this page.
We're working to make the experience better, and we don’t want you to lose your place in line. We’ll send you to the login page as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience!"

We’ll send you to the login page as soon as we can??!! What webpage does that and gets away with it, with people still coming back, and rave reviews? Only the Federal gov't, Obamacare and an adoring media.
Decided to try it out to see what my premium would be on the exchange. At 10:00 at night I waited 90 minutes for a login. When I did try to create an account the security question dropdown boxes were blank. Next night, same thing. Next night, after finally creating an account it said that the account did not exist.
That's not glitches or heavy traffic, that is technical malpractice.

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What does the Affordable Care Act mean for you?

And here is what will happen somewhere between October and January -
Scenario 1:
The young people who are being courted by ACA marketing will get on the exchange, and they will be infuriated that they have to pay more than $100 a month for insurance. (Don't believe me? My young daughters thought $75/mo was too high and chose to go without insurance).
ACA doesn't guarantee lower premiums. The insurance company can't charge you higher for your pre-existing conditions, but they aren't going to charge you lower either. They will charge everyone higher to make up for it.
Scenario 2:
If you are a poor person, adult male or adult non-PG female who are not currently covered by Medicaid in KS, and you fall between the Kansas very low Medicaid poverty level and the point where Obamacare kicks in, you will be paying the premium. They call that the "doughnut hole". Kansas didn't expand Medicaid and Obamacare didn't expand lower to cover them, so they are paying their own premiums, sometimes without the tax credits to offset.

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Letter: Stupid threat

That legislator would likely cut funding to KU without provocation.

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Tight rules proposed for KC Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patch might as well forget about it. Part of the biz usually is corn mazes, haunted hay rides, night time stuff.
Douglas County and Lawrence are the most business unfriendly place I have ever heard of!

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KU journalism professor Guth placed on leave as school reviews comment he made on Twitter on shootings

With the Internet is there any legitimacy to a Journalism major, program, or professor at all?

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Armored vehicle, recently bought by Lawrence police with federal grant, appearing on city streets

It may be able to take military grade rounds in the body of that thing, or even run over a mine, but the tires are still vulnerable.

I agree - militarization of the police.

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Opinion: Detroit contributed to its own demise

And we see such towns as Wichita following the same path.
Maybe even Lawrence and its one-trick-pony of KU.

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Abortion group sees special session as opportunity

Or he could do a special session to expand Medicaid for Obamacare, like Iowa just did. At the last minute, which causes the vendor who is implementing Iowa's software to interact with the Feds all kinds of last minute scrambling.
(yeah right, he is going to do that...)

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Opinion: McBudget is insult to working poor

This is a stupid line of reasoning that if you are with a company longer then you should automatically move up and make more money. This person cited by Pitts obviously didn't move into store management, so he has remained as a McD's line worker making the same range of pay.
And as the minimum wage went up, he actually became poorer and less favorable. My wife worked a minimum wage type job. She did get minimal wage increases. Then the minimum wage increased and all the new folks got moved up to what she was already making. But they aren't going to move her up, because then she would be above what the job is really worth. You aren't going to move above $10/hr at a minimum wage type food handler or retail job.

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Kansas 'Riverkeeper' passionate about the Kaw

It is very beautiful between Topeka and Lawrence. Just wish that the pulloffs, like west of Lecompton, didn't have big signs saying that the sheriff assumes that if you are parking there that you are running a meth lab.

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