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Are you happy with KU’s decision to find a new football coach to replace Turner Gill?

Neither yes, nor no, nor not sure. Simplly content that the right thing was done.

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Topeka church planning to pray for 42 hours straight

Yet another opportunistic thread where Liberals show their bigotry.

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Method of finding oil raising concerns

You have to understand that "Oil" is a four letter word in the minds of the Sierra Club and militant environmentalists. Oil = money and profit and that is not allowed today.

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One person dead in early morning car accident in Riverfront Park in North Lawrence

About 40 years ago there was a fatality accident at the exact same location and had striking similarities. The car was there for several hours before it was noticed but foul play might have ben a factor in that one, but really can't fully remember.

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City adds 3 hybrid diesel-electric buses to public transit fleet

"....Lawrence: A University with a town in it to help pay the bills....."

That hits the nail on the head puts it better than I have ever heard it or seen it.

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KU athletic director reviewing department's 6-figure salaries

No problem, just raise the debt ceiling and everything is fixed.

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Marijuana left at Goodwill drop box

Yet again, more green sh*t in Lawrence this week...

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Commentary: KSU 13, Kansas 1 — really

Listening to the way that KSU fans boo obvious calls reminds me of the way that the little brother throws himself against the wall and screams and cries whenever big brother comes within 2 feet of him.Their manufactured hate of KU and their inferiority complex makes them think that if they have more billboards, do things bigger, cheer each basket as though they won the team of the century award is laughable. I am glad that they go by K-State and KSU because it is embarrassing when they are referred to as Kansas State because they are so thin skinned that it makes the entire state of Kansas look ridiculous.

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Hazmat incident caused by sulfur-like smell; no contaminates found

Let me guess, someone spilled some green sh*t and was found downtown later on wearing some of it

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