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Concealed carry on campuses approved by committee

Just because this law has been passed does not mean that every college student on campus is going to bring a gun to campus. How many college students already have a Concealed Carry Handgun license? How many are going to run out and pay the $132.50 license fees? There's also 8 hours of training involved in obtaining the license with a certified instructor.

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Alumni, locals react to Perkins' retirement

How the flip do you expect one person to save the Big 12?

What was the point of quoting Larry Sinks when all he could say was that he couldn't say anything?

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String Me Along: A Musical Monday

One of my favorite guitar solos is "November Rain" by Guns N' Roses.

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What TV show do you consider "can't-miss TV"?

I cannot miss "NCIS" or "Criminal Minds."

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Kansas Senate committee considering whether to levy 'soda tax'

Drinking soda is not the main reason for obesity. Leading a sedentary lifestyle is what leads to obesity.

If they tax sodas, what's next?

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Diabetes in Kansas: A pending tidal wave

Yes...eliminating obesity isn't going to eliminate diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is not related to weight. I was a scrawny four-year-old when I was diagnosed. A lot of times, I've noticed, that Type 2, which can be treated with diet, exercise and pills, can also turn into Type 1, insulin-dependent. It's not fun..."shooting up" multiple times a day, checking glucose levels at least four times a day, counting carbs every time I eat something...but I have to do it or suffer the consequences. I'm glad you're running these articles on the disease.

Maybe you should have a little article on Type 1 diabetes as well. Really, diabetes is becoming more and more common. Yes, it's true that a lot of the new cases are Type 2, but there are a lot of little kids being diagnosed as well. And not just the couch potatoes.

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Rivalry reborn: K-State fans have returned to chicken-throwing roots

What I want to know is how they managed to get live chickens inside?

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Winter storm warning issued for Douglas County and surrounding areas beginning 6 a.m. Wednesday

Someone needs to check the sidewalks on campus because they sure didn't clean them off at all. Nor did they clean the roads. I need a snowmobile or a pair of skis to get around.

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Winter storm warning issued for Douglas County and surrounding areas beginning 6 a.m. Wednesday

I knew i should have bought a shovel when I was at Wal-Mart today. Unfortunately, I can't rely on the kindness of strangers. :-)

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