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City hears that police HQ project could delay street projects, reduce parks and rec funding

75K a yr for a arts and culture director for the city.... what a F'ing damn joke! How about we stop funding Ms. Tate's Art's Center then to the tune of 300K a yr. If we need a "arts and culture director" @ City Hall.

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Group asks what will make planned 9th Street Corridor project a success

That is right Mr. Anderson. And how much will Mr. Amyx stand to gain in property values when the three corners are done @ 9th & New Hampshire, I believe Mr. Amyx voted and fully supported giving away tax handouts and public parking spaces to make that happen.

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City Manager David Corliss finalist for job in Colorado

He needed replaced long time ago, and if they don't offer him the job, Lawrence would still be better off with that change taking place moving forward, IMHO.

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Lawrence VenturePark proposed as new name for business park on former Farmland site

Did you read the story?

"The project originally had called for O'Connell to connect to a frontage road in the business park. The new plan calls for O'Connell to extend all the way to 19th Street. But city officials said they would stop just short of connecting O'Connell to 19th Street. Instead they would wait to make that connection in a future year when the budget allows for 19th Street to be improved to handle additional traffic. "

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Mother Earth News Fair expected to draw 10,000 to downtown Lawrence

Let's see here... 150 bucks to reserve a park in the only blue dot in the sea of red, and how much you think the expo center runs per day rental? Hmmmm, you are right I can't see why they would use that park.

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Delaware chief: Tribe doesn't have immediate plans for North Lawrence casino

The land is not in the approach path, it is under the traffic patterns however, and that is a big difference.

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Editorial: Shelter support

No the life style panhandle bums are still there everyday working hard at holding those homemade signs, just look next to those special green meters and there you'd find.

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Editorial: Shelter support

The money pit need to find it's own funding in the private sector, it was said not all that long ago when they asked for money to move out there, a great deal of community members rightfully noted, they would be back in no time asking for yet another hand out....

Yep, did not even take a full year did it. Maybe the city could offer this sweet funding deal to all the property owners in town.

As an interesting note, I see this week the city is looking to ask the state of Kansas for 70 grand of tax payer money to install a automated fuel pump at the airport. Seems kind of funny that the city can find 725K to piss away on the homeless money pit, yet needs the tax payers to build the rich jet jocks & weekend chumps a fancy gas pump. There seems to be a lot of "hands out" seeking funding..... even city hall.

"7. Authorize staff to submit a KAIP (Kansas Airport Improvement Program) application for self-fueling operation at the Lawrence Municipal Airport for an estimated cost of $70,000. The grant requires a local match of 15%, or approximately $10,500."

Hey city hall, you got all that cash in reserves to hand out to that homeless money pit, then you have enough to pay for those gas pumps on the city's dime, stop asking for a hand out.

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Editorial: Pending plans

"it would be to their advantage to share some additional information with local residents and officials about what they are considering."

It would foolish to tell the City of Lawrence leaders, chamber, or LWJ a damn thing about their plans, and in no way would it be to their advantage to tell the city a thing! Yea, lets show our hand way ahead of time, and let the City dream up some zoning or horizon 2020 BS as to why the tribe can't do what ever it is they would like to do with.... get this, THEIR LAND!

In fact that is one of the biggest problems in the leadership of the outhouse called Lawrence City Hall, thinking it's their business to butt in to others business where they don't belong nor do they have a say by law. I hope they build a really big and ugly one like the "fox" up north, and place it right up next to I-70, I hope it's really tall too so they have a nice view of it from City Hall and all the tax dollars they can't touch. I hope they hire all out of town contractors and spend as much money as they can outside of Lawrence to build what ever it is they wish to build on their new property. Welcome to Douglas County, Delaware tribe, you'll be very pleased the be in the county and not the City limits.

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City hires new leaders in Planning and Development Services

The problems in that office will still be there because the City left Scott McCullough, the city's director of Development Services in place. That problem child should be sent packing a long time back along with the clueless city mgr.

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