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Lawrence airport undergoing safety study for skydiving

Yes Ms. Reed, the city was assured, that like every place else everyone would be required to sign a waver, or a hold harmless agreement, in fact this would be the only activity using the airport that would be willing to do so. However some city staff refused to listen to those facts, and many others items that were to be discussed, instead the airport board held a "city commission" style public hearing, that was never advertised to the public, only those invited were there.

By federal aviation laws they were required to follow the process that the airport manager is now being forced to do, and request a FAA safety study. They've tried a whole host of things to try and get us to go away, like saying the zoning won't allow for this aeronautical activity, even when it is not in their legal authority to do so. It all boils down to a handful of people in the community, like Mr. lIddle, simply don't want to share the airport that they spent our tax money to fix up to their liking.

In fact the public record shows, in 2000 another operator tried to bring their existing business to Lawrence. They were told the same as I was told, that we can invest and build here, take off and land airplanes here, but the city and airport board would tell them where in the county they could land parachutes, but it wouldn't be taking place on the airport.... You can get a shuttle bus and like it!

Now there are six others making the request and being ignored by the airport manager, until he was forced to do his job by a commission order. So there is a long history of telling skydivers NO, it is not a one time thing. What Mr. Bundy has had to say is the truth, in regards to the great lengths they've under taken to prevent this activity in our community.

The people need to understand, it might say Lawrence Municipal Airport on the sign, but the city is not the owners of that airport, it belongs to the United States tax payers to the tune of 35 million or more and change, the money the city took was congressional money, set aside for WE the people, of the people and by the people, we all own it!

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Lawrence airport undergoing safety study for skydiving

Don't forget the family fun center that someone wanted to open, you know putt putt and electric go carts, batting cages and an arcade.... voted NO on that one too. But hey if you want to open a bar to cater to getting people drunk and watching KU sports, no problem, just don't try to add any silly arches in front of your door.

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Lawrence airport undergoing safety study for skydiving

You are correct, normally it takes not very long at all. It would have been nice to have the City of Lawrence not waste everyone's time and tax payer money to fight and refute the prior safety study that was done a few years ago, but that was not to be the case and not really a big surprise to anyone who has tried to deal with city hall departments.

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City Commission to consider proposal for gun range near school

There is a Toddler open gym held the days week upstairs from the ranger.

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Saturday Column: Project denial raises questions about city’s motives

If there was such a demand for those services, then Menninger's would not have abandoned the west Topeka campus after so many years of a lofty investment in real estate and staff pay roll and moved out of Kansas. Further more, if there was such a demand today, then the empty shoes of Mennigers would have been filled by now by some other player. Currently do you see any such vendor banging on the door seeking to offer such services? Who do you expect finance and build such a campus here in town? The state? The state is broke, maybe you expect KU endowment to foot the bill, or let's see, how about another gift from a local developer seeing how they have all that land to develop out by the new Lecomption rec center that their so eger to develop and, have us the tax payers provide additional investments, like tax abatements, tifs ect, like all the other projects they do. See the new billing office address at 1200 oread.

Then again, Richard, if you think it is such a sure thing, why don't put up the funding and built it yourself, maybe after some first hand dealings with the planning dept, city staff, and city hall, you just might have a better understanding of why this community has the reputation it has, of being a major pain in the backside to do deal with, when trying to start a business or build something. I doubt you are well enough connected.

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Attendance way down at Lawrence ice skating rink in its second season

Someone's most likely related to the sale, who works for the city, or is related to one of the former commissioners who voted to approve this. It was said, this will help draw in tourist to town and get more dollar being spent in the downtown entertainment district, and it looks cool, the Mayor and his wife like to sit and watch out the new library widows. If you recall there were a lot of tax payers being vocal on here about not wasting the 75k on this. The problem is most if any of them bothered to attend the commission meetings to voice there opinions, they just posted here thinking the commissioners read this crap and know how the public feels.

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A Thousand Voices: Readers unsure about city's economic development incentives policies

When I tried to start a small business in town that needed to use an aircraft and the local federal funded public airport for an FAA approved aeronautical activity and while also having a FAA safety study conducted that clearly stated my FAA approved aeronautical activity could be and should be allowed, Chuck Soules the director of public works , who is the default airport manager, got Scott McCullough the Director, Planning and Development Services, to make written statements saying that the airport zoning would not allow my FAA approved aeronautical activity, because they say it is not an aeronautical activity, but a recreational activity that is not allowed in that zoning, there for I should not be allowed access to the airport.

However if you view the cities website for that airport, It still today states it is used by business and recreational fliers. The FAA has a recreational pilots license, most of the private aircraft there are owned for recreational use. But according to the professional city staff the zoning don't allow such uses.... I guess those others guys got grandfathered use and any new comers need to keep out! That is one example of the shady good old boy business unfriendly attitude and "harassment tricks" used by the City of Lawrence, staff,departments and former commissioners to harm & run off local small businesses, I have heard many stories from a great deal of local small business owners who all told me they understand all to well the crap I have been subjected too in attempting to start a small business in this community, after the news stories ran.

You need to expand your understanding of how and why this community has the well earned reputation as being business unfriendly. I believe the citizens spoke VERY loudly in the last election.

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A Thousand Voices: Readers unsure about city's economic development incentives policies

"This term "business unfriendly" is thrown about rather loosely in an effort to intimidate taxpayers into believing that Lawrence will crumble if taxpayers do not donate their tax dollars to local profiteers."

Mr. Heckler,

It seem to me you clearly fail to understand the amount of local small business people in the community who have been subject to the "business unfriendly" attitude and make it up as they go policy's that are often used by city staff to make it as hard as possible to conduct business or to build a small business in this community. And those are the people I hear talking about how Lawrence is "business unfriendly". They tell how they were subject to, for lack of a better wording, harassment by departments within city hall and city staff in those departments, when someone within the community didn't want that type of business in town. Quite often there are many unfair road blocks used to hender and harass small business development, while allowing selected developers to get away with numerous shady dealings, or favored (former) city commissioners to get free fire sprlinkers, while others pay for them.

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City receives multiple requests for skydiving at Lawrence airport; official cites safety concerns, directed to work with FAA

The prior safety study that Mr. Soules refused to adhere to, or acknowledge the findings of the FAA. In fact he disputed the findings to the FAA, based off of the Airport Board Chairman's misrepresentations as to the context of a meeting, he, the airport board chairman, had on 4-20-2010 with FAA inspector Joe Behrends who published this safety study. But have no fear these don't cost anywhere near 10K, more like a few hundred bucks for a few hours of the FAA inspectors time on a good day.

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