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City Commission plans to start nationwide search for city manager

1.Self 2. Compton 3. Frizel 4. anyone from KU endowment 5.

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Letter: Already great

Gee Richard if you were not so busy copy and pasting all the time and were clued in a tad, you would see it is NO to everyone else but the local development, realtor, chamber pals. There is a good reason why Lawrence is known far & wide as a business un-friendly community. From big box stores to mom & pop small businesses, have been harassed and or told NO. We are not taking about hand outs to Compton or non bid back room deal with KU endowment and the Fritzel family.

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Letter: Narrow report

Sorry you seem to miss the point of my comment. There is news and then there is "media outlets" dressed up as "news". In today's active media, it's mostly the outlets in control. Say what happened to Ebola? Speaking of hype.

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Letter: Already great


This is the city of NO. No you can't do that, no you can't open that business, no you can't build that store the size you want.... you don't do around here! We'll tell you how and what you'll do.

See had this idea been your idea and tax payer/grant unfunded, you known more true a make up of the artist community who live in that hood, generated idea, and you all just went out to do it, you can bet they would have said NO. But because the fact this was dreamed up by the arts center movers and shakers (public handouts 300K) and well you know who sits on the board of directors there... And the fact they now get "free money" in a grant, it's all about yes we will and shut up and like what we say, about how your hood should look and feel now. We'll throw in a bunch of meetings in there, so the locals are made to feel part of the process, but make no mistake, the new money investors in the hood will have their agenda met and catered to by City hall and small group locals who make up the "arts scene". Follow the dots to see who connects to who and the influence they have had in the process. Some people are going to make a lot of money off the deal and it won't be the local artist.

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Letter: Narrow report

Well gee, don't you think the media plays a part in hyping up most every event. As the author notes, the reporter, or editor, hyped it as lacking the "expected scene of confrontation". Time and time again, media proves its all about the money and ratings, they are not interested in everyone coming together to fix the broken society, it don't sell. What sells is, sex, drugs, race riots, political scandals, death, terrorist and so on, always over hyped and over played by the types of reporters who flock to such stories and then hype it all up for as much drama they can muster. We see it all the time, and the author is calling it out for what it is.

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Lawrence to pay $29,500 for citizen survey on how well local government is functioning

"Commissioners will pay $29,500 for the survey"
Just like a bunch of drunks in a strip club, tossing around dollar bills like its pay day. what a waste of our money. Seeing how some lowly, city hired computer nerd, could have drafted a simple survey and then posted on the cities website for everyone to take online.... oh here is an idea no one thought of yet... maybe we could just print it on the water bill. Who's brother in law at the city owns ETC?

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Poll: Kansas Legislature far to the right of most Kansans

"Ms. Hawley can't believe the inference garnered since it doesn't correspond to party line. But then again, Ms. Hawley had no idea how much it cost to operate a King Air 300. "

Dude that was only about 250.00 bucks per leg of the flights..... ;-)

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Editorial: Strategy shift

And that is why they should not be getting tax payer money.

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Editorial: Strategy shift

That all sounds real nice.... However until the broken processes and departments with in City Hall are fixed, nothing will change and Lawrence will remain, standing proudly as a business un-friendly community, to not only a small local start up, but to large companies as well.

The Chamber getting any our tax payer money is 100% waste of our money!

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