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Editorial: Water park enthusiasm

I don't why the editorial staff of the LJW is so surprised by all the negative comments related to this project. This community has a proven track record of whiny "nimby's" who all come out in droves anytime anything fun is put forth as a proposed business to locate in this town. Granted this one is seeking public funding.

However those that weren't seeking public funding all got the same adversarial reception. Remember the guy who wanted to build the sports arcade with the batting cages and electric go carts, mini golf and beer bar... same reaction. Or the recent gun range debate, same reception/reaction. Or the two different businesses that wanted to open skydiving businesses here, one in 2000 and another trying again in 2009... same reaction/reception.

Or when the Delaware tribe bought the Pines property, not only the same local reaction, but the City and County also tried to bully them into telling them what they would do with their land, in the county.... in other words, the same reaction/reception. Or how about when some of the power broker NIMBY's ran off that big annual concert out at the lake... same old reaction/reception.

The list goes on and on of hostile, no way, not here, receptions, and yet year after year this newspaper runs story after story about how we need, and want more tourist to come to town to spend money. But as long as you want to run a business that caters to getting KU students and the fans drunk to watch the games, then you're good to go. Or when select good old boys want to develop their investment held land holdings and get a ton of free handouts from the City. Along with a sweet heart insider deal involving KU and contracts to run the parking and food vending, as well as run events there. Then it will be dressed up as a "gift" to the community. Maybe these people should have studied up on the good old Fritz's play book and gifted this as well, then no one who is important in town would be bitching about it. LOL

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Feds charge former Lawrence Mayor Jeremy Farmer with embezzlement

He was one of the "big" problems, with the way this city runs... a card carrying member of the good old boys club! Voting for payola most likely and kissing asses of the local power players. R.C.P.

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Woman's body found in Topeka hotel room

Well Mr. Aldrich, it might not cross your mind that she has family in Lawrence, and that being a short drive from T-town, that Lawrence is, people might want to be in the look out for said bad guy on the loose..... And that's what is has to do with Lawrence. Oh yea, and it was news, printed in a "newspaper", last time I checked ,that was their job, ya know, to report new stuff.

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City manager recommends staff cuts, no property tax rate increase for 2017

Should have done away with the arts and culture director as well, saving 75k right there. And the good old boys club over at the chamber, another 200k in savings.

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A bicycle corral was installed in what was previously a vehicle parking space at the southeast corne

Because now they will start issuing you tickets for locking your bike up to a tree, light post etc, as a means to encourage you to use the ones your tax dollars paid for. Can't have those bikes locked up just any old place, your making downtown look trashy. Besides that those bikes are in the way of the pan handlers and drunks that stumble out of the bars in the entainment district. šŸ¤” šŸ‘Œ

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40-year-old business on 23rd Street changes hands, focus; Lawrence jobs up slightly in March, thanks mainly to the government

I always did like your covers of Lionel's big hits, now that it's hip again I bet you book a lot gigs. šŸ¤‘

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Future of home building in North Lawrence gets a hard look

"Face the fact that Lawrence Planning and Development is a department bloated with staff that does its best to hamper everyone locally. Come in from Chicago and that department and the city commission bends over backwards and squeals YES how may we help you."

Yeah no doubt, that dept is lead by a guy that should have fired and sent packing a long

time go! This is a dept head who dimwittedly believes he can dictate that the zoning laws supersede the federal aviation laws as to what constitutes an aviation activity. Like you said David, doing their best to hamper the locals, too bad we can't clean house, it's long over due.

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Editorial: Budget hole

You and many others, like Dolph, supported the guy and helped to get him into office, twice. You reap what you sow, so stop crying about it. What is that old saying about a fool (voting) and their money soon part ways. Those of you who supported and voted for this jackass, twice, own it and the damage being done to our once great state. The facts were pointed out long ago what the results would be. You all got no business to now bitch and moan about it.

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Developer-commissioned analysis: Oread Inn owes fraction of what city says

Kind of like how he decided he would pay 50k for the varsity house deal.

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Lawrence airport undergoing safety study for skydiving

Yes Ms. Reed, the city was assured, that like every place else everyone would be required to sign a waver, or a hold harmless agreement, in fact this would be the only activity using the airport that would be willing to do so. However some city staff refused to listen to those facts, and many others items that were to be discussed, instead the airport board held a "city commission" style public hearing, that was never advertised to the public, only those invited were there.

By federal aviation laws they were required to follow the process that the airport manager is now being forced to do, and request a FAA safety study. They've tried a whole host of things to try and get us to go away, like saying the zoning won't allow for this aeronautical activity, even when it is not in their legal authority to do so. It all boils down to a handful of people in the community, like Mr. lIddle, simply don't want to share the airport that they spent our tax money to fix up to their liking.

In fact the public record shows, in 2000 another operator tried to bring their existing business to Lawrence. They were told the same as I was told, that we can invest and build here, take off and land airplanes here, but the city and airport board would tell them where in the county they could land parachutes, but it wouldn't be taking place on the airport.... You can get a shuttle bus and like it!

Now there are six others making the request and being ignored by the airport manager, until he was forced to do his job by a commission order. So there is a long history of telling skydivers NO, it is not a one time thing. What Mr. Bundy has had to say is the truth, in regards to the great lengths they've under taken to prevent this activity in our community.

The people need to understand, it might say Lawrence Municipal Airport on the sign, but the city is not the owners of that airport, it belongs to the United States tax payers to the tune of 35 million or more and change, the money the city took was congressional money, set aside for WE the people, of the people and by the people, we all own it!

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