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Iwig Dairy seeks license for mobile food truck in North Lawrence; also considering future North Lawrence store

Good for Iwig and good for N. Lawrence.

Question for Iwig?

Why does a 1/2 gallon of Iwig milk cost ~ $ 4.30 and your competitors milk, Hildebrand (out of Manhattan) only cost $ 2.99 (both prices from the Merc, both served in glass bottles, both family farms, both onsite processing).

According to you (Iwig in an e-mail response to me), your cows eat GMO corn (non-GMO not readily available). I do understand that you feed all or mainly non-GMO Alfalfa and I applaud you for doing so. Your competitor also claims to try to reduce GMO feed.
I have purchased and consumed both brands of milk and am equally pleased with the quality.

If I am incorrect in this statement regarding the feed used, I would be happy to be corrected by an informed source. Otherwise, is there an explanation for the large difference in price?

Thank you

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New $16M water plant project buying more land; signs of change at Naismith Hall student dorms; and other property sales for the week

I wonder how this new water treatment facility will be impacted by the proposed open sand pit right next door (~ 1.5 miles away) ? The City of Eudora and some Geologists are concerned with the impact it will have on Eudora's wells and they are quite a bit further away.

Any official thoughts on this? Has Public Wholesale Water Supply District No. 25 weighed in on this issue?

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Fire damages houses, boat, trailer in North Lawrence

I am curious. In the video it looks like the water the firefighters are spraying is "foamy". Anyone know if they use a fire retardant or is that just plain water foaming because of the hose or nozzle.

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Animal rescue organization needs rescue of its own following mouse shortage, summer drought


Here are links to OWL's website. The second link will be more specific about volunteering.

From my own experience of being a volunteer and paid Wildlife Rehabilitator (not at Operation Wildlife and I stopped doing it about 15 years ago) you can expect to do everything from cleaning pop, scrubbing cages, general cleaning and maintenance at the facility, transporting injured animals, cutting up rats, mice and rabbits and weighing them into food portions, preparing food for all animals, hand feeding baby birds and mammals, attending fund raising events and public appearances and hundreds of other necessary tasks to make a program like this work.

Incredibly rewarding work that requires the exact same commitment from the volunteers that any paid employment would require. I am certain OWL has orientation sessions for any prospective new volunteers.

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Jenkins says Schlingensiepen should apologize to her for comment

Not sure where his parents immigrated from, but that name is even tough for a fluent German speaker. And you know the Germans can twist a tongue and cough up a word when speaking.

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Town Talk: Kia dealership expanding on 23rd Street; Police Department to get armored vehicle; developers asking TIF money to cover $695,000 in land costs at Ninth and N.H.

Patk... and LarryN....
Certainly can not argue with you that we as Americans are incredibly wasteful. Not only our government but also citizens. Most Americans consume resources and spend money on crap we do not need without blinking an eye, costs anywhere from $40.000 to $100.000 to train and equip a police officer. The longer a police officer is in service, they more money they are worth. Spending $125.000 to protect those assets can not be seen as wasteful. Instead, this cost should be viewed as a relatively inexpensive insurance policy. Even if this vehicle sits for 15 or 20 years in a garage and is never used, the one time that it has to be used, it might save a life. At that time it will be many more times worth its investment.

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Rebuilding Lawrence's German history

Well George, you probably made the mistake in not engaging him in conversation. This hardware store is more about good neighborly commerce than it is about selling. I needed 2 parts for an old pressure cooker. The clerk (not Rod) looked for about 20 minutes and found one part. He spent another 20 minutes on a catalog and ordered the other part for me. The part he had, about $4.00. The part he ordered $5.00 (no shipping/handling) Try to get that at HomeDepot.

P.S. The parts were not available anywhere else in town either.

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Rebuilding Lawrence's German history

Did you have Krampus? In Austria and some regions in Germany St. Nicholas had his sidekick Krampus to take care of the naughty children. Scared the crap out of me the first time I saw him.

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Rebuilding Lawrence's German history

In Germany and Austria Fasching is celebrated starting 11/11 at 11:11 in the morning and goes trough good Tuesday. Every small town will have it's own Fasching Fest on one of those weekends during that time.

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Rebuilding Lawrence's German history

I agree LiddleK...

And to keep it interesting, die Turnhalle should be restored to its glory days. "Bier" should be served. And for the grand opening, everyone that can order a "Bier" in true German fashion should have one on the house. And none of this 12 oz stuff.

In German dialect:

" ah Halbe" a half liter ( almost 34 oz)

" ah Maß(ss)" depending on region, 1 liter to 1.5 liters

or in true Octoberfest tradition

" an Doppler" two litters of "Bier" served in a heavy glass. You better work out to lift that.

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