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New $1.5M boarding platform unveiled at Santa Fe Depot

frankfussman If 15 and 16 were still running it was before Nov of 1979 first trip that No 4 made through Lawrence in Nov 1979 was when Amtrak failed to make the 30 mph curve and made a big mess I was working in the dispatchers office that day

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City and state leaders along with Amtrak officials help cut the ribbon of a new outdoor boarding pla

what a waste of money.........Won't be long until there will be no rail service in Lawrence just an overpriced platform

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Increasing Amtrak use in Lawrence cited as good reason for city to buy depot

I really have my doubts that the train conductor bothered to "shoo" the homeless folks from the depot. First of all the conductor could care less and second that could be dangerous situation to place yourself in. The homeless don't always "shoo" easily.

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Town Talk: Mattress Firm heading to South Iowa; downtown health club to open after Thanksgiving; city set to discuss northwest recreation center and fieldhouse

Dont need Mattress FirmYou need a mattress just go down to Mattress Headquarters at 25th and Iowa and see Rusty or Susie Great deals nice people and knowledgeable also

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Class ring finds its way back to owner after 43 years

Mine is in the pawn shop

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KTA executive discusses roadway travel and construction at Lawrence Rotary Club meeting

Reduce staff he forgot to talk about how customer service was reduced by his staff reductions. The management of the turnpike hides down in Wichita away from the bulk of the business and people that use the turnpike The tolls keep going up and the quality of service and the road just goes down. Talk with some of the toll booth attendents it is a terrible place to work

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Furniture stores opening in former food store on South Iowa

Stirrr the pot You can find American made stuff but you sure won't like the price especially if you are looking at dining or bedroom furniture

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Furniture stores opening in former food store on South Iowa

The Winter family has been in the furniture business for a long time competing with the NFM don't think they will be going anywhere for a long time Welcome to Lawrence a much needed retail establishment...................The big difference between NFM and the new store in Lawrence is the fact that you can actually get some customer service in any one of the new Winter Family stores Discovery Mattress Headquarters or RoomMakers

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