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Retail rumblings including a new cookie store on Mass. Street, a mattress store going out of business, and a change in venue for a downtown hot spot

Mattress Hub is a big chain but not national getting a little carried away Chad

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Lawrence-based Dobski & Associates to tear down, rebuild De Soto McDonald's

I was on the planning commission in Desoto when that store was built. It was to small the very first day it was open......They refused to make it bigger........

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Fix-It Chick: Replace a cast-iron pipe

This will only work if you have good pipe left to attach couplings to. If you are using soil pipe cutters on old cast iron you may very well fracture it and end replacing a lot more pipe then you had planned to Just be careful

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Railroad enthusiasts celebrate National Train Day at Santa Fe Depot

Gccs I just wonder what you have neen smoking Not gonna happen ever. private enterprise cant make money at it the feds aint gonna fund it and the states dont have the money get your little model train out and fantsize some more

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Railroad enthusiasts celebrate National Train Day at Santa Fe Depot

Calwell did work for the railroad he was a claim agent. He never got paid for working on a train and was not a conductor. He may have a pass as do all former ATSF employees who hired out before 1971 (I think) He is just another foamer who plays trains in his mind. Ask him about his track car accident at railroad days a few years ago.........He is truly a railroad legend in his own mind

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Ugly Sweater Run

My son in law makes me proud The one in the green and red tutu

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Revved up crowd helps open Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway

The cigarette smoke was horrendous Doubt if I ever will go back......Could they not afford some decent air purifiers

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Highway patrol trooper injured in rollover accident in Leavenworth County

If a motorist dropped a wheel and rolled over I am sure they would be required to blow into a breathalyzer wonder if the trooper had to. 4 lanes and dropped a wheel and the left side somebody was in way to big of a hurry emergency or not

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Why did you come to the new platform ribbon cutting?

riverdrifter You of course must remember the biggest idiot of them all the infamous Ted Lane agent at Lawrence for many years..............First time I was in the Lawrence depot to work the bullet holes were pointed out with great pride

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