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Opinion: KU TE Jimmay Mundine primed for breakout year

Not certain of the KU streaming. But, if it's football you are seeking, the Fightin' Texas Aggies will be live on ESPN Saturday afternoon.

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Opinion: Leaving Big 12 doesn't make sense for KU now

Jayhawk1963: Agree with most of where you are going, however, struggling to understand the "most prestigious " reference in regard to Big 10 & PAC 12. Iff you talking academics, You have an arguable point, if your talking athletics, you are completely off base.

Obvious from my name tag, I'm an Aggie. However, not here to bash the Chickenhawks. Just need to make the point that these conference choices have very little to do with rivalry, academics, or, geography ( although aTm's decision made sense on all three fronts) and everything to do with protecting your future. The school down in Austin has and will continue to promote solely in their own best interest. They have zero loyalty to anyone but themselves. The LHN is a major issue and the conference continues to provide exceptions to the Texas program. Not many are aware that UT has been granted a permanent home date on Thanksgiving night. An annual national platform to promote the program from every year. Are others in the Big 12 offered similar advantage? Nope

Advice from a long time Aggie with 50+ years of experience in dealing with the Texas program ........ If an offer comes ........... Sign and run as fast as can to the promised land.

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If foe looks good, Kansas doesn’t

Lots of whining on this thread.

Maybe ku can convince the NCAA to move the next 6 games to the p-hog? Chickenhawks have as close to a home court advantage in KC, without playing on campus, and whine, whine, whine about shooting and officiating.

Bailer, as much as I hate to say anything positive about those gangsters played a better game and won TK said it well, Chickenhawks better play better/tougher, or, seeds won't matter.

Or, maybe ku draws a 'B' team and it's an early exit regardless of seed?

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Aggies will test Kansas

Going to be hard for the over-hyped over-rated chickenhawks not to overlook the underwhelming Fightin' Texas Aggies. You have to appreciate an injury plagued, downtrodden team that has riden a season of disappointment and despair into an opportunity to deliver a final parting shot. Gig'em

Is that a trap door I just heard creak?

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Next job for Charlie Weis: find QB

Stevieboy, what is your solution? Do have an alternate suggestion on a different direction ku should have moved? Or, do you simply object without thought?

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Commentary: KSU 13, Kansas 1 — really

The 'homer' in me requires that I remind the group . . . . . Texas A&M has led the Big 12 All Sports standings the past two years. The program is deep, with 8 NC's in the most recent 3 years, and gaining momentum. As football completes a rebuild, the program is on the path toward a golden decade. Basketball, with Turgeon now happy in Maryland (thank goodness the whiner is gone), baseball playing at this years CWS, Women BB Nat'l Champs and T&F winning the past 6 (men & women's) NC's. . . . . The Ags are dominating the B12 & positioned to dominate for years to come.

Gig 'em

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