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Abortion view

Yes, I did read it. The author states, unequivocally, that she likes abortion. Several other people used the comments box to agree with her. The point of the letter above is that it is objectively false to say that nobody likes abortion.

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Abortion view

Ms. Cannon made a misstatement; that was the point of my letter. The result of your internet phrase searches shows that, if Ms. Cannon had said, "I want to state that nobody likes murder," she would have been incorrect.
I do not love suicide, so, no, I will not be purchasing a t-shirt bearing that message.

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Lawrence City Commission approves gender identity ordinance

There is no shortage of knee-jerk reactions to this measure, from both pro and con sides. First of all, it sort of closes the debate when you label anyone who disagrees with you as a "bigot;" explain to me how that is not being close-minded.
Second of all, there is a tendency in, to use a blanket term, the "liberal" community (and I know because I've been there, oh, I've been there) to jump to the defense of virtually any group that claims it is being oppressed. In this case, the supporters of the measure have been surprisingly up front about the lack of substantive, objective proof that any one who falls under the umbrella of this ordinance has actually experienced verifiable discrimination.
The passage of laws based on whims and anecdotal evidence cheapens all laws, especially civil rights legislation that has been enacted to fight against actual discrimination.

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Lawrence City Commission approves gender identity ordinance

Europeans have to think of someone as children since they're not having too many of their own:

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Lawrence City Commission approves gender identity ordinance

I think "some" is the operative word. The very word "tolerance" has been thrown around so often and stretched so far that it retains little if any meaning. Everyone is intolerant of something; otherwise, we would have no laws at all.
I could compile "anecdotal evidence" that any "group" of people experiences discrimination; overweight people, redheaded people, people who wear full bicycle-riding regalia. Where does the definition of "special classes" end?

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Lawrence City Commission approves gender identity ordinance

Everybody has problems; not every problem requires a city ordinance in response.

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Lawrence City Commission approves gender identity ordinance

1. You could probably find some sort of statistics by using Google, etc.
2. We are not in Europe.
3. I do not ever recall hearing that transgender discrimination was a problem in Lawrence, and I've lived here for more than twenty years (and worked downtown for most of those years, and frequented a variety of downtown nightspots and restaurants).

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Town Talk: Vermont Street BBQ deal for Mass. location falls through; Berry Plastics project delayed but still moving forward; a new fee for city sidewalks?; artificial turf turned down

There's more than one kind of barbecue. It's not the same in Dallas as it is in Kansas City as it is in Memphis as it is in Charlotte...
I liked Vermont St. I had some great food there, some not so good food, but they had fried okra and kids ate free on Sundays. I've had Biemer's once; I thought it was all right, but the unfunny 'double entendre' ad slogans they put on their sign are enough to turn me off. Thanks, Biemer dude or dudette, but I don't want 'ur sauce' on my face.

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New task force to study retail in downtown Lawrence

The single most important thing for encouraging new businesses to move in downtown and to remain viable is lowering rental rates. Every landlord needs to realize that they can not demand the rates they did ten years ago. It's a harsh reality, but so is the number of empty retail spaces downtown. I owned a successful business downtown for 15+ years. The building was sold, the new landlord kept raising the rent, the business had to move, and now the old space has been vacant for more than a year.

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