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Man with stolen sword, blind cat, arrested on suspicion of burglary

He's probably from Topeka or Redbud Lane!

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Elderly Lawrence woman robbed at home by masked burglar

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February 5, 2013 at 8:58 p.m. ( )

Drug charges filed against Lawrence day care owner

Yes. She is the one that owned the house that burnt down.

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Sound Off: Leash law in Lawrence

The police pulled me over when my passenger threw out an empty ketchup packet out her window. Luckily, we just got a warning.

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Lawrence man charged with assault for Saturday incident involving a knife

Every case is different. I can say this ....I was beaten severely by my then boyfriend. Regardless of his criminal history, which is long, he was only given 11 months.

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23rd Street Zarco 66 robbed Sunday night

what is it you are trying to say with the link Briseis?

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Pair of Lions soccer players named to league's 1st team

Way to go guys! From Ms M, your former preschool director :)

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What’s one of your favorite childhood memories of doing something with your parents?

Going camping all over the US with my parents

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Public safety officials ask for information on recent arsons

Eddie, I live on the Bud, and thus far am aware of only one outside in big dumpster. Have you heard of more ?

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