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Judge orders prison for drug-addled driver who hit, killed man by East Lawrence Rec Center

He wasn't inside using computers, he was using free Wi-Fi from his truck

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Lawrence police arrest man after shots fired at car full of people

Wow Louis, that was great!!

February 6, 2018 at 2 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Wreck near Clinton Lake kills Junction City woman, injures 2 others

I couldn't agree more! After all the years , debates, arguments, to build this highway with only two lanes is the most ridiculous, careless, thoughtless idea I think I have ever seen! I HATE this road!! It is too DANGEROUS!! FIX IT BEFORE MORE PEOPLE LOSE THEIR LIVES!!

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2018 Women's March looks to bring resistance to downtown Lawrence sidewalks

Only men commenting?? Must make ya all nervous!

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Murder defendant now charged with another, earlier violent crime against a teenager

When they going to charge him with death of female passenger in his truck he drove into a tree?

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Sheriff’s office: No foul play in case of body found in burning car at campsite

I find this extremely hard to believe.

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Accident report: Both drivers, including police officer, suspected of drinking before fatal motorcycle crash

Mike, no loss of class here Sir. Merely sitting on patio at Slowride-drinking water waiting on family to arrive. Judge much?

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Accident report: Both drivers, including police officer, suspected of drinking before fatal motorcycle crash

You know I write this as I sit at the service gathering for Del Campo and I am really just dismayed to see that you all didn't even wait for the body to get in the ground before ya all felt the need to post this. Certainly not very classy ljworld, not classy at all

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Lawrence man gets 27-month suspended sentence for abusing female KU student he met on Tinder

Bob Forer, I do so appreciate your input helping to perhaps understand this situation a little better. However, I think it is sickening that that's the outcome. I think this man is an absolute danger to society he should be locked up. I do however have an issue regarding the fact that this particular judge assigns ONE year time done in jail for driving on suspended license, rendering individuals who are not criminals per se but are merely trying to get to and from work so as not to lose their business or their homes. But we have this dude who has done horrendous things to this young woman and having been a victim of physical abuse myself I chose to testify all at all required events against my perpetrator to ensure he got maximum time for the crime. I think that this man is going to do something to another young woman and will be unable to continue this charade of probation circus hoops he's going to have to jump through.

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