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City of Lawrence's cost for Final Four downtown activities: $180,000

So...what's the solution? Tell people not to celebrate? Hope that it remains peaceful without the presence of officers? Allow pissing in the street? Seems like they handled things fine.

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Heard on the Hill: Only 8 percent of students voted in recent student election; Dole Institute programs to focus on Nixon, Johnson; associate pharmacy dean leaving KU for High Point deanship

KU Student Senate elections are about as relevant as the ones they used to have in the Soviet Union. You can vote for whoever you like...as long as they're Communist. Most of these races were barely contested because a small group running KUnited (mostly greek) are the real "kingmakers".

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Justin Verlander stifles Royals, 3-2

But, seriously, is it too much to ask to at least swing on the last strike?

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Justin Verlander stifles Royals, 3-2


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Heard on the Hill: Student body presidential elections wrap up today; law school newspaper talks about 'gunners' (you probably don't want to be one); KU alumnus named president of Seattle Pacific U.

It's possible that there's nothing more pointless than a KU student government election. Are you part of the coalition supported by the frats? No? Then you're not getting elected. Yes? Congratulations! Your prizes include a year of bickering about completely insignificant rules, the opportunity to make it rain student fee money on whatever pet project you'd like, as well as a line on your resume that will be cared about by absolutely no one!

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50 from De Soto treated for food poisoning during East Coast band trip

As if the restrooms on charter buses weren't horrific enough, I can only imagine the scene with a massive food poisoning attack. Hopefully they didn't have to hose the whole thing down...

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Heard on the Hill: Opponents mobilize against the "Woo" after the Rock Chalk Chant; KUMC leader's parrot can perform the chant (without the woo); recent grad creates stories for NPR show

If a "woo" bothers you that much you need to reassess your priorities in life. It's basketball...it's supposed to be fun.

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Sen. Pat Roberts disappointed, Sen. Jerry Moran 'outraged' by Boeing decision

That's why we need government to do what's best for people. Oh, wait, corporations are people too...

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Brownback tells regents to improve academic rankings of schools

Perhaps the universities should consider holding a prayer rally or maybe marrying another, more successful, university?

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