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KU professor discovers only known audio recording of James Naismith, inventor of basketball

Amazing. This is really great. I am assuming it will also be available at the DeBruce Center once it it constructed.

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DREAM ON! KU volleyball reaches Final Four

Congratulations to Coach Bechard, his staff and Lady Jayhawks. The team has played incredibly well under pressure. The Jayhawk nation is very exicited about your accomplishments. Take care of business.Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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Analyzing the Brannen Greene Effect (Spodcasters)

Hopefully, he will be a team player and avoid anymore distraction. Brannen cam do that.

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Kansas volleyball adds to honors

Great job by coach Bechard, his coachind staff and the ladies Jayhawks. Contratulations! The best for you on the third and fourth rounds. We can do this with confidence and playing hard. Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

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Bill Self not letting up on NCAA over Cheick Diallo

This is very interesting. Mr. Oliver is a West Virginia Graduate, now with the NCAA. Then, one of the members of the NCAA Student-Athlets Re-instatement Office is a West Virginia University representative. Any issue here. It seems like the whole things deserve and investigation. It seems like KU has the right to be upset about the whole thing.

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KU coach Bill Self says Cheick Diallo should be deemed eligible by NCAA ... pronto

I believe the NCAA Student-Athlete Reinstatement (SAR) Committee would be the group to clear Diallo to play. According to the NCCA website, this group is integrated of 5 universities representatives. One of them is a West Virginia University official. Any issue here?

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Diallo attorney concerned over alleged NCAA tweet

Reading this article mde me think about the leadership of the NCAA. It is my understanding that the president of K-State is currently the chair of the NCAA Board of Governors. Do you remenber the Star Trek production to embarrase KU?

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Beaty believes in Memorial Stadium

But, the point is that we need to support the current players, encourage them, cheer for them to play hard. The coaches cannot do it alone . We need to be there for the players, the coaches and our university. Rock Chalk Jayhawk !

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Column: Jayhawks in no hurry for hiring women’s coach

Dr. Zenger the Jayhawks Nation is with you. We know you will get the right coach for our women's BB program. Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

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Strength coach Jackson getting Jayhawks into shape

Thanks coach Beaty and your great staff for the excellent job you have done so far.
There is high hope for success with the KU Football program.

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