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Former Missouri chancellor blames Bill Self for lack of Border War

I agree with Dr. Zenger and Coach Self. KU doesn't have to volunteer to play them. RCJ.

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Landen Lucas to join Boston Celtics' summer league squad

Perry. Congratulations! Go for it. Thank you for your years at KU. We wish you the best. RCJ.

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Landen Lucas to join Boston Celtics' summer league squad

Landen. Congratulations! Rock Chalk Jayhawk. The Jayhawk Nation wishes you the best. Thank you for everyting.

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KU chancellor: $7.2 million cut to university’s budget 'not entirely unexpected’ but will be difficult to manage

I have a question. Why the cut to KU budget is bigger than KSU?
If it is because KU has a bigger budget and is assigned more funding than KSU,
then with the same token, shouldn't the State apply higher taxes to those in Kansas
that make more money? Very interesting situation on Kansas when it comes to taxes.
I would say it is very hypocritical? Isn't it? This very confusing about the rules
impossed to others. Is this ruling of fairnes or rather dictatorial?

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Perry Ellis OK; Jayhawks ‘obviously need’ him

Just it imagen, the president of K-State said to go for it, on the Sandstorm song, according to what this article says. I guess some will try anything, even low class action to win. Wow! What an institution of higher learning.

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AD Zenger: KU football well positioned to overcome loss of assistant coaches

Great Dr. Zenger. Thanks for the support to the football and confidence in Coach Beaty. I also believe the football program is in excellents hands. Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

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Dunk talk: Wildcats using play as motivation

It seems like we are mussing the point on what happened last regarding
the court storming at K-State. In addtion of putting the KU men's basketball
coaches and players in danger of being hurt, the K-State fans were very disrespecfull to the coaches a playes. One or more fans got physical with the KU coaches and players as well.
As you may recall they really show poor spormanship. And, in my opinion, it got worse when their administration didn't do a very good job addressing the issue at hand.
So, from this stand point, KU players could also use as a motivation for this game. It seems to me that what happened during that court storming was more significant than what the dunk situation at the AFH. I guess it all comes to acting with class.
So, KU players, just focus on the game and play like a Jayhawk. The Jayhawk Nation is with you. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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How ’bout that team: Montana has no answers for KU

Excellent game. They all play great. Keep that aggressiveness in mind from here on for both at home and road games. Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

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End of the road: Huskers too much for KU in Omaha

Coaches and ladies regardless, you accomplished great and unique goals for VB program and KU. Congratulations! It was a great season. Next year will be better.

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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks form special bond at Final Four

Great ladies. Play hard and with confidence. You can do this. Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

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