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Kobe sees similarities with ex-Jayhawk Wiggins

Great Andrew! Continue learning and playing your game.

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Self: Kansas grades out OK so far

I thought that Frankamp should have waited for his turn. He will have been just fine. It seems like he still need to polish up his game, but he could have been playing now. Too bad he decided to leave. Good luck to Conner.

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Kansas interested in Ojeleye?

He could very well play more minutes at KU. He should be great at KU. Hopefully, he will decide to play for coach Self.

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Column: Kansas’ next coach must target walk-ons

I still think that Coach Bowen is the man for the job. Get two very good coordinators (offensive and defensive), and any other staff he may need. The new coordinators need to be able to attract recruits. Coach Bowen has the energy, the passion and the interest to get the job done. Unless,; there is some one else that will meet b the criteria of being like Coach Bowen and more. Otherwise, give Coach Bowen a chance. He will be there as long as it will take to turn around the KU football program. Others, may not be successfull or leave for another job.

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Who should replace Charlie Weis as KU football coach?

Give a chance to Coach Bowen and his staff to see how the handle the rest of the season and then decide from progress/results. It is only fair.

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Juco CB switches commitment from Kentucky to Kansas

Great! Michael. Welcome to the Jayhawks nation. We will be seeing you growi g to be a great player with the help of the great Jayhawks coachig staff.

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Head and shoulders: Holsopple aims to develop leaders on KU football team

I also believe is a great idea. It keep their mind wanting beyond their confort zone. It is very positive for the team. I am hoping they will do well.

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KU graduate programs hold ground, make gains in U.S. News rankings

Great. Congratulations to Chancellor Gray-Little and her staff for this important accomplishment.

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It's tough being a Wichita State fan in Jayhawk Nation

There is nothing about hatred coming from KU fans. Does it mean that the Wichita Eagle should include KU basketball articles in their newspaper so PRIMARILY WSU fans can read them. Don't you think it is a little to much?
Now, ask yourself sencerily, does it help for the coach to call the Kansas Jayhawks - chickens. WSU is practically, demanding attention from KU fans and that KU must play them. I even hear Wichita politicians involved on their demand.

March 10, 2014 at 12:11 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Attorney: WR Nick Harwell’s case still open

Congratulations Ben. Have a great season together with your teammates and coaches. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!.

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