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KU graduate programs hold ground, make gains in U.S. News rankings

Great. Congratulations to Chancellor Gray-Little and her staff for this important accomplishment.

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It's tough being a Wichita State fan in Jayhawk Nation

There is nothing about hatred coming from KU fans. Does it mean that the Wichita Eagle should include KU basketball articles in their newspaper so PRIMARILY WSU fans can read them. Don't you think it is a little to much?
Now, ask yourself sencerily, does it help for the coach to call the Kansas Jayhawks - chickens. WSU is practically, demanding attention from KU fans and that KU must play them. I even hear Wichita politicians involved on their demand.

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Attorney: WR Nick Harwell’s case still open

Congratulations Ben. Have a great season together with your teammates and coaches. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!.

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HoopTube: New video technology boon to KU men's basketball

Jesse, thank you for the great article and thanks to Jeff for the excellent job he has being doing. Thank you for all you do. The "Pay Heed" video is a master piece job.

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Oft-injured KU RB Bourbon feeling as strong, confident as ever

Brandon hang in there. Stay focused and play with confidence. I wish you and the Jayhawks the best this year. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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Opinion: Light fuse, get away: Ten KU athletes who will pack wallop

Excellent student athletes that will represent KU well on anf off the court. Looking forward to see all of you succeed.

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KU football adds offensive lineman for 2013 season

Great! Pearce welcome to the KU football family.

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KU football unveils five new helmets for 2013 season

The costs associated with these helmets and uniforms do not cause the tuition to go up or any increase in the university academics since the funding is coming from the KU Athletic Department. Like in any other university would do, KU needs to enhance his athletic disciplines, including football to put themselves in a position of recruiting excellent student athletes to enahnce the team and win games and with the same token make money that not only help to pay the athletic schorlarships, but also to assist the universities in the academics as well. You need to read and see how the athletic department has been helping KU academics. Be informed before, so you can make accurate comments. A good athletic Department is good for KU.

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Self praises KU bench's improved play, confidence

I don't think the KU fans would get to that level. The hatred shown by the KSU toward KU is such that it is too much for them to hold back.

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Jayhawks beat Alabama A&M for Henrickson's 300th 'W'

Great ladies!!! Congratulations Coach Henrickson for he accomplishment. Also, thanks to the excellent coaching staff and players. Conitune working hard and getting better and better, Have a great season!!!

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