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Kansas officials react to Sebelius' departure

"Giraffe neck" and "Ding-Dong the witch is dead", these are such mean posts for poor Miss Kathy. Can't we all just get along here in Kansas?

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Three cats die in fire that destroys Lawrence home

Hey Notwhatyouthink, the below quote cut/pasted from your quote is dead wrong. Call Chief Bradford at Station 5 on Monday morning and ask about the LDCFM's Offensive Fire Attack policy.
"but the LFD's policy is if it is on fire they do not go in. If you were good friends with any of the firefighters you would know that."
That's baloney and you know it. You sound like a "Fire Department Wannabee" that didn't make the cut for the job.

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Questioning authorities

Barack Obama is Kenyan for Jimmy Carter.

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Questioning authorities

In June 1989 then LPD Officer Edwards stopped serial killer Richard Grissom getting in to one of Grissom's murder victim's car at the apartment complex at 2500 W. 6th Street in Lawrence. Grissom smooth-talked Officer Edwards into letting him go back into an apartment to find his drivers license. He then ran away from Edwards and made his way back to Lenexa, KS, where he murdered two more young women. Edwards knew the car Grissom was getting in to belonged to another missing young lady but failed to take him into custody for whatever reason besides just poor police work. That failure to apprehend Grissom cost those two young women their lives after Grissom escaped from Lawrence. He might want to write a book about his experience with a serial killer. Officer Edwards was later fired from the LPD for falsifying an insurance claim when he ran over his laptop computer with a LPD patrol car.

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Unearthing Kansas History

Does anyone reading this remember a Native American cemetery, near I-70, possibly by Salina, that was uncovered and the skeletons were on display in the ground? [I hope that makes sense!] While on the way to Colorado in the late 1970's, signboards advertising an "Indian Cemetery" were posted along I-70. Once admission was paid, I entered a large covered area that had about two dozen skeletons, in their original burial positions, uncovered in the ground. The skeletons appeared to have a shellac or some kind of preservative on them. Does anyone remember where that was and what happened to that burial ground?

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Experts offer money-saving tips

"Canada is a good foreign option if you want to go to Europe but it's too expensive."....I don't understand this sentence, can s/o explain it for me?

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Bravo bride

I believe this is the same Michael Smith that was featured in a JW story a long time ago. Try some compassion for the family.

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Education slap

Schools and teachers are simply aids to learning.

Parents and students who neglect to take learning beyond the school day, or school year, will not be well-educated. If the materials used in a school are the only materials used for learning, then our society is in for quite a downfall.
An attempt to limit the already-sparse exposures to text is absurd. Reading should do for the mind what athletics do for KU's pocketbook....

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Marines ready for birthday party

Maybe some of those Jarheads are still young enough to join the Army and make something of themselves.....

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Guns in our midst: 'It gives you the ability to look someone in the eye and say no'

Can anyone tell me how do I go about getting a Kansas Concealed Carry license? Where can I find out what classes to take and when they are scheduled? I"m interested in classes in Douglas County.

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