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School board studies 'critical race theory' in work on equity issues

Good article! What a waste of the taxpayer's money.

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Dean of Education initiated recent email incident over turkey abuse case

Not the best and brightest leading our School of Education. Even elementary school kids know not to send e-mails that can be forwarded...

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KU visit should be highlight for prospective students

I took the campus tour with my high school senior a few weeks ago. The tour was disappointing at best . Our campus tour guide took us from OUTSIDE the Union along Jayhawk Blvd. to Lindley Hall then behind Anschutz Library to Fraser Hall. What were the campus highlights pointed out to us? Well, that our tour guide had never stepped foot in Dyche Hall but she had heard that the largest beehive is somewhere in there (as a Lawrence resident and frequent visitor to the museum, I let out an audible gasp at this). We learned that the Study Abroad program is located in Lippincott Hall. That Potter Lake was dredged recently and goal posts were found in it but that the lake was disgusting and don't go there. That if you rub the nose of the statue in Lippincott Hall you will score well on tests. That there is no PE requirement because of the hills that you have to walk up and down. That if you need an easy A you should take a class at Robinson where you can take rock climbing... there are plays at Murphy Hall. That the Anschutz Library is big. And, of course that if you want to see some of the basketball players you should hang out at the cafe in Wescoe Hall. Our tour guide finds the stacks at Watson Library to be "creepy." Danforth Hall is a place you can get married but they are booked two years in advance (really?). We walked by incredibly old desks stacked in the halls at Lindley Hall and more at Fraser. Both buildings were hot and dusty.
NO MENTION was made of the state of the art technology equipment used in several academic programs. NO tour was given of our impressive facilities at the Union or multiple libraries.
As an alumni, I was embarrassed by the tour. There were prospective students in our group from Chicago, New Mexico, and Virginia. I doubt they were impressed.

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City to consider whether to name park after former Lawrence fire chief

I'm all for naming the park after someone connected with the Lawrence Fire Department. Another consideration for the committee should be a firefighter who died in the line of duty in 1986, Mark Blair.

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Lawrence police, firefighters to square off on the football field on Sept. 18 to help Big Brothers Big Sisters

The cops joined the Police Department because they couldn't get hired on by the Fire Department.

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Lawrence firefighter reaches diversion agreement in national anthem case

Firefighter Clouse, you are an embarassment to the Lawrence Fire Department and firefighters everywhere. Can you spell MORON?

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Kansas state officials decline to detail why former KDHE secretary Bremby is still being paid, two months after resigning

Mr. Bremby, I know you well enough to know that you will read these comments. Do the right thing and release a statement why you are still receiving our tax dollars without earning them. when you worked for the City of Lawrence often times people would say you were a good example of Affirmative Action policies gone amok. Prove them wrong and tell us why you are still getting paid.

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Firefighter cited for battery after argument

In 2006 the Lawrence Fire Department had a Battalion Chief forced to resign from his position and retire for putting his hands on someone. Firefighter Clouse apparently didn't pay attention to this and the consequences that resulted.

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Firefighter cited for battery after argument

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25 years ago: New trial requested for 80-year-old's murder

The Kansas Parole Board, in all its' wisdom, is letting murderer-rapist Don Alexander out of prison and on the streets in March 2010. Where is the justice for his victim, Marguerite Vinyard and her family?

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