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Lawrence man punched in face by stranger on Massachusetts Street

catfishturkeyhunter and Frankie8 : Lunch together and the pine tar story mixed in ??? Add beer and Billy Martin .

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How long since a sitting U.S. president visited KU? Possibly 101 years (and counting)

I watched the Georgia Peanut or the Movie Man cruise down University St. back in the day in a limo, bro. It's all hazy except I remember seeing a can of PBR fly out the window.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Hopping around with downtown's Toad

Now... about those roundabouts...

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Hopping around with downtown's Toad

"Sych" got it right. Doesn't pay taxes... doesn't have to. Started out on mopeds... graduated to scooters. Sometimes "Tim-Toad-Froggy-oake "does check his velocity with his speed sensitive middle finger. Rather than risk pileups (and there have been more than one) Tim's insurance company helps him employ an air of belligerence while "owning the road" in order to reduce engagements with enemy targets. Take heed or risk the dreaded "forehead battering ram" that is capable of dislodging camper shells and will be deployed if necessary. Further enhancing it's lethality is a modern hard-shelled enhancement that looks like a large white ostrich egg yet actually is a "helmet" capable of tearing through multiple pedestrian- toted Dillons grocery bags, low branches, and the occasional "incoming" empty beer can projectile. Again, "pay heed all who enter downtown and East Lawrence... beware of the Frog!"

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