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Lawrence to pay $29,500 for citizen survey on how well local government is functioning

Has any body heard of E-Mail?
The city puts together a form that is downloaded from their website and people fill it out and E-mail it to a new e-mail account made for that reason.
Have a seasonal worker put together the results.
At 10 dollars and hour for 6 months, that's just about 10 g's.
Money to help a school kid or whoever and it stays in Lawrence.

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News on Buffalo Wild Wings opening date on south Iowa, closing date in downtown; Lawrence gets a peek at how other cities maintain sidewalks

Two things.
The city makes the repair on the sidewalk, they are responsible for someone who trips and falls. No matter when it happens. The repairs were theirs. Not the home owner! Just like a pothole. They fix it and it is not right, and somebody gets hurt, they get sued!
Secondly, how can the city force the repair cost on the home owner just because the sidewalk is on their side of the street. People without a sidewalk do not have that burden so it is a UNFAIR financial cost to the home owner.
Everybody pays for the repairs on the streets, so everyone should pay for repairs/replacements to the sidewalks.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

Give up our identity???!!!
Not happen.
Mr. Guth is a prime example. While I am glad he stepped up to the plate and said who he was , you can't convince me it was the right thing to do.
How many people out there want to suffer the same fate?
These posted comments were, I thought a way to conseal my ID not my free speech.
LJW you let us down.

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LJWorld.com takes first place in 2013 Best in Digital Media Contest

Love the LJW.
Not always perfect, but WHO can cast the first stone?
Sure ain't me....

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100 years ago: 'Exit the straw lid' -- Mayor declares hat-changing time for residents

Correction please!
You can wear a straw hat after Labor Day BUT not while sitting on a couch on your front porch.
Just like fireworks, you will have to do that outside of city limits.

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Report: State funding cuts to public schools in Kansas are fourth deepest in the nation

Swimming pools, Tennis courts, elaberate buildings.....
I am not talking Beverly Hills here.
I am talking Kansas schools.
What a joke!
No wonder the system is broke. Teachers have to supply things out of their own pockets for the students. And everybody wants to dump more money into this mess?
And Yes I did go to Jr. High in a building with no a/c.
I don't expect kids to do that by any means. But all the other out rageous stuff they have in schools today is just crazy.
There are schools in western Kansas that are very small and could really use a roof or a coat of paint. Johnson county and Douglas county have schools that compete to see who can have the biggest money pit. Someday we will be looking at spending even more to keep them up to date.

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Fall Book Sale canceled after inventory contaminated by bedbugs

It's the Itchy and Scratchy Show.

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Editorial: Safety first

I don't like getting robbed and I don't like being hit with a Bamboo stick and I do not like it when people walk out in front of my car J-Walking!
And then curse at me.
All of this is illegal!
Leave Five-0 on Mass. street for all of us who don't want to take the law into our own hands.
Been there done that.
It was not the best solution!

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Nearly 200 cited or arrested by special police detail working college party crowds

I can remember when you could buy a beer and go outside and drink on the sidewalk.
Great fun indeed!
But that has all changed because "want-to-be" tough guys carry guns around with them.
Nothing against those who are legal about it. Lawrence has become a OK Corral lately.
Stupid people with guns and alcohol dont mix with the rest of us. Families, the unarmed,seniors and inoccent bystanders dont do well in drive-bys and the stray bullet arena.
If your not doing anything wrong, why worry about the Police Patrols downtown?

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: The Days of Drag Strip Road

Excellent story!!!
I have been to the track back in the 70's as a kid.
A friend of mines Dad from Bonner Springs raced there.
I also seen people on the You Tube videos.
I seen two people who I now work with and have for years and a guy I went to school with.
What a incredible walk back in time.
Also went to the drive in out there to.
Back then if we had to prove something, you put your car on the track and the best man won.
Now sadly its settled with a shooting in the parking lot of one of our less than stellar bars.
Reeving motors or the sound of gun shots.You tell me what choices do people have now?

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