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The man behind 'A Man Within'

Good grief! What is the deal with all this fascination with Burroughs? Nothing the man ever did was even the slightest bit creative or even remotely interesting. The fascination with Burroughs simply shows the degeneration of a large element of society.

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Mass. Market: Soon, groceries downtown will again be a thing of the past

It was obvious to anyone with half a brain that The Casbah Market was going to go out of business. It was hard to find a parking spot, the prices were through the roof, and they didn't have a good selection of vegetables. Oh yes, the food in the deli was terrible tasting. Their demise was inevitable. In order to run a successful business of any kind, a person must first have a good business sense, which the Casbah owners obviously did not have.

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City poised to make changes to rules governing boarding houses

The people in the Oread Neighborhood who wish to see more single-family owner-occupied homes in that area are completely out of their minds. They are out of touch with reality. No good parents would ever want to raise their kids in THAT neighborhood!

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Health industry has big influence on local, state economies

A very large part of the millions of dollars of total "sales" is due to over-inflated billing, which is due to the health insurance mess. A friend of mine was at LMH for two and a half days recently, and her bill came to about $15,000. And that's just the hospital bill. That does not include what the docs and other people have charged her.

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Arthur Davis found guilty of attempted murder, kidnapping, contributing to a child's deliquency

Art Davis, a number of years ago, used to teach Tai Chi through the Lawrence Parks and Rec. Dept. His classes were held in the basement of the Community Building. I went there once to check them out. They were practicing with wooden swords. I got a very uneasy feeling about the guy just from a few minutes of talking with him and never went back.

Since his arrest, I've looked into the man's nature and psychology, just out of curiosity. As I see it, all throughout his life, his desires, ambitions, and actions have been confused and misguided. He even has some very peculiar emotional desires that often lead to disaster. Treachery has been well within his capabilities for a long time.

But worse, that's not all. His was an extremely powerful personality. But instead of using the power he was given for the betterment of others, it resulted in a massive ego that sought domination and absolute control over others, to bend them to his own perverted will. Thus, his efforts could only backfire and eventually cause his own destruction. Because he felt like he was all-powerful, he thought he could get away with anything.

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Belgian says he was alert but mute for more than 20 years

This Belgian's situation reminds me of the story of Julia Tavalaro. After suffering a couple of strokes that left her in a coma for six months, she woke up to find herself completely paralyzed and unable to even speak. She suffered a lot of frustration and, if I remember correctly, even abuse, at the hands of her unsympathetic caregivers. Unlike Houben's, her ordeal only lasted 6 years instead of 23. Julia eventually wrote a book about her story. It is called, "Look Up for Yes", and it is a great book.

I thought that this kind of situation was pretty rare, but the article seems to indicate otherwise.

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Volunteering is a year-round need in Lawrence

Why is it, I would like to know, that "people should do what they can to help", as Noah says at the very end of his article. Why SHOULD we?

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Friends seek ghost bike memorial for hit-and-run victim

What a great idea!

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Night-blooming cereus adds exotic element to indoor plants

I have had a couple of these "Queen of the night" plants for many years. They get pretty long and 'leggy', but they need to, I think, in order to develop flowers. Mine have only bloomed during the summer when I put them outside. The plant itself is not very attractive, and one would probably not keep them were it not for the flowers, which are simply fantastic. It will bloom a number of times during the summer, but each flower blooms at night and for one night only. You can tell in the early evening if the bud is going to open that night, and usually by about 11:00 PM it is fully open. Well worth staying up for (if you go to bed early). The "leaves", by the way, are not true leaves, but actually flattened stems.

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Mark's on the Move: Hula hoop fans twirl their way to fitness, fun

I knew it! I always figured that hooping was dangerous, and now this proves it!

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