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Outage leaves thousands without power

There have been a LOT of power outages here over the last year or two, it seems, and it seems they are happening with greater frequency. Why? Is the electrical infrastructure becoming outdated, or what?

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Jury convicts Lawrence man of committing a sex crime against 7-year-old girl

So much for protective orders.

But what I don't understand is, if he had a protective order against him, it had to have been taken out by the 7-year-old's mother - right? - so how did Mr. Torres even get so far as to be in the girl's bedroom? Why didn't the mother call the police as soon as he showed up at their home? Did he threaten her? Something here doesn't make sense, or there's a part of the story that is missing.

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Need a Thanksgiving turkey? Win one from LJWorld.com by telling us why you're thankful

Thanksgiving is an American holiday, and we should all be thankful for everything that our great country provides for us. Our country provides many more things for us than most people think or could even imagine. Most people take it all for granted. Our country and our American society provides us with the opportunity to choose our own beliefs. It provides us with society itself, a culture, education, a job, money and possessions, a place to live, food, health care, and security, both within our nation and without, freedom, and a playground of diversions in which we may do whatever we want. If you think about it, you will realize that our country even provides us with a name and a personality. The debt to our mother country, like the debt we owe our parents, can probably never really be repaid. It is for all this that I give great thanks.

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Bottled water? What a boondoggle

No bottled water company convinced me to start using bottled water. The City of Lawrence did! I used to drink tap water for years, until one time the tap water started coming out brown and stank. Warnings were issued not to eat the fish out of the Kansas River (and still are from time to time). I toured the City's water treatment facility, and did not like what I saw. The Kansas River is one of the most polluted rivers in the nation. The City treats the water with massive amounts of chlorine to kill the bacteria, then they add more chemicals to nullify some of the chlorine, and they add some chemicals to make it taste better. They do nothing to remove the pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and farm waste runoff that all gets into the river from hundreds of miles upstream. I just don't believe the City when they say the tap water is safe to drink. I don't even like to bathe in it, but I have not yet been able to figure out an alternative that is of reasonable cost.

The little plastic bottles filling up the landfills are a problem. I don't use those. I have been drinking bottled water out of 5-gallon reusable bottles for about 20 years now. (Note: I will drink the tap water in some other cities.)

Besides all this, the Lawrence tap water tastes terrible. Do an experiment. Drink distilled water for a month, long enough to get used to it, then try the tap water. It tastes terrible. If you can't taste the difference, you're probably a cigarette smoker or something.

Those little home filtration systems don't work well at all.

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Traffic jam

I think it is entirely appropriate that a bunch of idiots who went to watch race cars zoom around an oval track -- boring and stupid -- should have to sit in their own cars and go nowhere. Entirely appropriate!

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Centennial neighborhood residents lining up against plans for tennis courts

Those backward fools of the Centennial Neighborhood are always against everything. "First" was not the football stadium, it was getting the no-more-than-three-unrelated-people ordinance passed. (They wanted it to be no more than two unrelated.) What's their continual problem? The Centennial Neighborhood sucks anyway.

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U.S. highway official to present $11.2 million to Kansas for adopting seat-belt law

Now that we have the money, let's rescind the seat belt law.

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Water works: Customers of city look elsewhere

For decades, the City of Lawrence has dictated to the rural water districts how many new meters they could have, and the price of water, and so on. Hooray for the rural water districts for finally giving the City of Lawrence the snub and taking matters into their own hands.

With the City, it's ALWAYS a case of either too little too late or after-the-fact overkill.

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City OKs tailgating at Oread hotel

This is not just a bad idea, it is terrible idea. Not only will it bother the surrounding neighbors and impede traffic, it will also be a nightmare for the police. If the Oread Hotel gets three citations in a 12-month period -- illegal hosting, public urination, whatever -- will the City determine it to be a "nuisance house"?

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City could have prosecuted MagnaGro nearly three years ago

MagnaGro is not the only property in the City limits that is not hooked up to the City water service.

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