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City to begin late-night transit service June 1; concerns mount over bus pass numbers for homeless shelter

The students are paying a portion of that with their campus fees. They are getting a hell of a deal, but not a completely free pass.

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KU freshman Ben McLemore declares for NBA Draft

So, what is the reason most people go to college? To obtain the knowledge required for them to make a better living for themselves in the pursuit of theif chosen profession right? That is exactly what Ben did. If the New York Times came in and offered a job to a J-school kid after two years do you think they'd pass on the money for an extra couple of years of school? What about a Big 4 coming after an accounting student?

I agree that the rule requiring these guys go to school a year before declaring is a joke. They should be able to come up with some ruling that allows those players who would be drafted to go straight to the league while requiring at least a three year commitment for those that go to college (like baseball does). As for thousands of kids that could play basketball and attend college but can't thanks to players like Ben, THAT is an idiotic statement. If you can play and want to go to school, someone will find you. It may mean having to settle for a lesser school, but you'll be playing.

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AP: Marcus Smart Big 12 player of year; Jeff Withey, Ben McLemore 1st team

It would be interesting to know if votes for Jeff and Ben cancelled each other out - so to speak - and led to Marcus Smart getting more votes/points than either of the KU players in both this and the coach's poll.

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FSHS boys bowlers take third at regional, advance to state

The Taylor kid has shot big a couple of times already this year. It will be interesting to see if he can focus at state. Too bad that Austin couldn't keep his hot streak going. Good luck to all of the bowlers next week.

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KU grad tells Denver Post about Adderall abuse in college

Not surprising. I know a number of kids who either are or have used this during finals without thinking about what the consequences could be.

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Lawrence superintendent gets positive review from school board

Not just Doll, but out of touch with reality.

I usually don't gripe too much about the school board because I wouldn't do that job, but good grief people........

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Sound Off: Genesis Health Club

As I understodd from the story the JW did when Genesis purchased the LAC facility, they have been trying to purchase the building they are in on Iowa Street and will put money into that location if they are successful in buying it. I've heard their lease on that location runs out sometime during 2013. Would you put the kind of money required into making all of the improvements they mentioned into the property when you and your members may not even get to enjoy them if a new lease isn't worked out?

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Lecompton Chihuahua recovering from Rottweiler attack, dog lovers helping with vet bills

You and riverdrifter must be competing for idiotic post of the day.

Rottweilers were actually used by the Romans as herding dogs, but hey, let's not let a good story get in the way of reality.

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Lecompton Chihuahua recovering from Rottweiler attack, dog lovers helping with vet bills

What a stupid and ill informed statement.

The animal that needs to be discontinued is the person that abused the rottweiler in the first place. Treat your animals responsibly and train them properly and there are no more problems with these breeds than any others.

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