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LHS vs. Free State: A household divided

You are correct with the boundaries ~ However alot of kids (even in Jr. High) get a transfer to go to a different school. I know one student who went to 2 different Jr. Highs, and many households are divided ~ The boundaries are worthless. I think they need to make the transferring of schools more difficult. i.e. a valid reason, and charge a fee for the transfer. When I was looking to purchase my home the boundaries were a factor for me. I could have saved alot of money if I wasn't worried about what district my child was in. It is frustrating that USD 497 allows it.

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State orders Children's Playpen in Lawrence closed amid drug sale allegations

The original call was in March 2010 ~ Did they print that correctly? RIDECULOUS! It should have been handled a long time ago.

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LHS vs. Free State: A household divided

I'm amazed by the number of "athletes" who don't live in their school district. No one pays attention to the boundaries and transfers are handed out like candy on Halloween!!!!!!!!! Where I'm from if you want to transfer to a different school it cost the parents money. Maybe the school district should think about charging $500 to transfer otherwise go to the school district you live in. I can't tell you the number of people going to my sons school that when I saw them I said what are they doing here? example of what my son says "Mom - he transferred here because he was afraid he wouldn't make their ___________________ team" REALLY! Rideculous .......... USD 497 should put a stop to it.

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