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City asked to consider building permit change to boost solar energy projects in Lawrence

KU_cynic - at least Cromwell didn't push for this while he was on the Commission. Seems to me like he waited until he no longer had a conflict-of-interest to propose the change, which was the right thing.

Also, who do you think asks (lobbies) Commissions and other bodies for changes to rules other than those with a self-interest? Cromwell is a business man. He'd be a fool not to ask for a change if he thought it would help his business. It's up to the Commission to determine whether such a change is right for the city as a whole.
Perhaps in the process, the city will look at other building fees to see if they "over charging" as you say. They also should look to see if their fees and over-sight overlap other bodies doing the same (for solar installers, they also need the electric utility and their engineers/electricians to review and sign off on a project - is having both in the process overkill or just the right amount of oversight?)

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Building that will house original "Rules of Basket Ball" will be called the DeBruce Center

While I'm glad the rules will reside at KU, the amount of money paid for them and the building that will house them is obscene. $22 million dollars for the whole package just to so a few papers - as historic as they may be - will be housed for people to come see them. There's no way $22 million dollars worth of visitors will come see them - so it's a good thing folks like the DeBruce's and Booth's have more money than they need to get their name on a building.

For those of you who'd like to see a reasonable facsimile of the rules for a reasonable price - $9 plus tip will buy you a hair cut AND a view of a color-copy of the rules at Downtown Barber (you can even see them without getting your hairs cut). I'll bet John didn't pay more than $15 to frame and display them, either. With this fiscal frugality, it's too bad he's not an Associate AD at KU.

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Shot star, Kevin Young to hold cube-off at Kansas Relays

The organizers of the Rubik's Cube Challenge should consider inviting Soony Saad of Sporting Kansas City - another athlete/Rubik's aficionado.

Check out this video of him solving it in 2:42 - not Reese Hoffa time, but respectable (esp. for those of us who can't solve it at all):

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What's Wrong with Sustainable Development? -- 02/25/13 at Famous Dave's 4931 W 6th St

Who's leading this discussion? And does the cost cover the discussion or dinner?

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Statehouse Live: Bill would require KU to play Wichita State University in basketball

You have to love Small Government version R.0, who love the government small only when it comes to helping "others".

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Lawrence school board to seek $92.5 million bond issue

No way. Maybe 20-40 years ago, but not today. If we want State of the Art schools to replace our current ones (and schools that would last for decades like our older ones today), maybe that money could build 2-3, then we'd still have a handful of schools needing much needed repairs.

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Lawrence school board to seek $92.5 million bond issue

There's no doubt the schools have been neglected and are in need of upgrades, etc. The thing that bothers me is that they still haven't honestly acknowledged the recommendations of the consolidation task force or addressed ESL. Yes we need ESL and it's vital, but it doesn't need to be at the schools it's at, if the only reasons those schools remain open is to accommodate ESL.
I haven't decided if I'll vote for this bond or not, but with folks like Ingram on this Board who's sole goal is to defend his child's turf, it does give me pause.

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Wind energy powering jobs, revenue, report says

Where can this report be found?

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New Bowersock power plant to start producing electricity on Friday

With the levee between the power plant and nearest homes, I'd guess it won't add to the noise level at all. For those fishing below the dam or standing on the bridge, maybe a little, but not likely. While standing on the bridge, have you ever heard noise from the older power plant across the river?

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New Bowersock power plant to start producing electricity on Friday

I've thought the same thing. Perfect orientation and it would look good!

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