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Two teenagers injured in accident northeast of Lawrence

Thank goodness they are ok.

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Funding for the arts restored in new state budget

People really left Kansas over the fact that the Governor cut funding for the arts? Hmmm.... I'd like to know the name of a single person who did that. I understand the passion for your opinion but making up stuff just makes you look foolish and desperate to prove your point, and actually doesn't do anything to make you look credible.

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Signee Perry Ellis a valedictorian

Brian Hanni is such a great guy! I wish him the best at Texas Tech, but will miss him here in Lawrence. We have lost a great talent and a wonderful person. I can only hope that someday, he will return to the Jayhawk Nation where he belongs! Good luck Brian!

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Dancin’ in the streets: Fans revel as KU advances to Final Four in New Orleans

It was great fun to see so many different people celebrating together and having a great time without destroying anything. The Lawrence police did a good job of just being available if needed. Congratulations to the players and coaches for a well earned slot in the final four. It hasn't been an easy year, but it has been memorable and fun year to watch. Great job coach Self in getting our team to exceed expectations! We love our Jayhawks!!

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Second Lawrence police officer in ticket-fixing investigation no longer employed with the city

Wow, some of these posters are sure vindictive and harsh. I would just like to point out that based on some of their comments we are all criminals and we should all be justly punished. If you ever broke the law (jaywalked, drove one-mile over the speed limit, failed to come to a complete stop, dumped a bag of trash in a stores dumpster, passed another car inside city limits, or took a leak outside when no one was around) you lack moral character and your a piece of crap? Sorry. I'm going with, these were two decent guys who made a mistake that cost them dearly. I hope they can rebuild their lives. They have paid the price for their mistakes, we shouldn't be allowed to continue to punish them over and over.

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KU women advance to Sweet 16 with upset over third-seeded Delaware

Fantastic win for this great team! Congratulations to players and coaches. I love watching you ladies play!!!

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In Lawrence, anti-bullying efforts depend on the school

I whole heartedly agree with everyone who says we should not allow bullying in our schools. I also believe that as a parent, if you are ignored by a teacher or principal, you need to talk louder, more publicly and to higher up individuals. Don't stop defending, don't stop bringing the truth out into the light. Any teacher or administrator who refuses to address bullying is in the wrong profession and needs to be given the opportunity to find one that suits them better. Having said that, I will say that my child was accused of bullying because he and another friend expressed a different view from another child at the lunch table regarding which professional football team was better than another. The school social worker accused my son and his friend of exercising an imbalance of power and proceeded to call them bullies, and even put their name on a "bully" list that was posted in their classroom . The real bully here was the school social worker, who excercised an imbalance of power by berating these two boys over something that was clearly not bullying. So, I went to the school and I told her that in the future she was not allowed to speak with my child, unless I was present. We have not had any issues since. I encourage you to stand up for your kids, teach them what is right, inforce respectful values in them, don't think they are always right, sometimes they are not, but when they are, don't back down!

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16 Things: Band leader strikes up a list of notable and entertaining events

I know Tom Stidham and he is a wonderful person! What a great sense of humor and what a kind and gentle man! I hope his wife and he have many many more happy years together!

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Are you more likely or less likely to get involved in a presidential campaign today compared to 2008?

It's easy to blame the wars on President Bush. But do you realize that there are more US armed service people deployed now than when President Obama took office. I thought he said he was going to bring our men and women home.

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Group plans rally against Brownback policies

Hard for me to believe that people in places other than Lawrence give a hoot about the SRS office in Lawrence closing. Especially since the office isn't closing. I think people should express their views, but will be surprised if there are very many non-Lawrence people there. Also, I hope it is a positive and constructive discussion and not just an anti-Christian, anti-Brownback rant. Otherwise it will just be more political rabble and serve no constructive purpose.

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