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Father of slain toddler grieves in Missouri jail

When my grandson died of SIDS, I would not allow myself to cry. Every time I felt tears welling up, I would fight until they passed. I was afraid that if I let so much grief and pain get a foothold, I would never be able to stop. Losing a child is even worse. My son turned to methamphetamine. It was a stupid choice but he wanted to kill himself because of so much grief and pain. He is hooked to this day. He did not set out to become a drug addict. He set out to make himself feel nothing. Today, I believe he has achieved that goal. It was sad for me to watch but I understand how someone can lose themselves in grief and pain and sadness and go away. I believe everyone deserves empathy for the burdens they bear in life. Some have not had such horrible burdens as this young man but others have had far worse. It is difficult to say what one would do if one were in their shoes. But I do believe that compassion for the poor, lost souls in this world is what Jesus would have done. He did tell us, "Judge not lest ye be judged and "Look at the beam in your own eye before examining the straw in your brothers eye." Only the Lord God has the right and responsibility to judge. No one else.

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