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KU releases names of staff members who accepted buyouts

For facilities planning and management read custodian (facilities) for student sucess read custodian (housekeepiing).

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What is the key to a great bowl of chili?

Thank you KUHOOPS. rofl.

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What's that thing on the 6News Towercam?

What's wrong with you guys? It's obviously Tinker Bell!

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Have you dropped any money in a Salvation Army bell ringer's pot this season?

I got not only a "hello" but a smile, a "thank you", and a tiny candy cane for a small donation.

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Curb comments

Jonathan, I certainly will continue to read comments even if I have to click on a link. I don't make comments very often but I do often go straight to the stories that have the most.

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Iowa St. construction to affect traffic flow

this year, at least, they didn't wait until the day before school starts

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Civil suit hits Collins for $75K

Thank you KUHOOPS.Please see LJW On the Record for May 23,2007.

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Civil suit hits Collins for $75K

Criminal charges have been pending for a year. As that hasn't happened yet her attorney decided to file civil charges.

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Civil suit hits Collins for $75K

I happen to know that a police report was filed. Of course it was filed on campus; therefore they were not going to upset a major moneymaker.

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