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Trademark protection a constant concern for KU

KU is a joke. They violated Joe College because Perkins wanted to make a point because he had KU money to blow. If he had to use his own money, Joe College would still be open and KU students would be buying cool TShirts. I say bring back Joe College! Mass street needs a cool store and KU needs to focus on teaching kids. Quit being a bully! You set a horrible example, and your football coach can no longer eat ours, or maybe he can. Mangino vs that might be interesting.

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Unfortunate glitch

Had Microtech followed their tax abatement, would they be in the position they are in now? Had they properly paid their employees, would they be in the position they are in now? Both of the above items are factual.........

If you know it to be fact that they did not steal software or use secondary parts, please let the facts be known. Shall we contact the and have them investigate? it may be worthwhile.

I really enjoy this opportunity to communicate with you.

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Unfortunate glitch

Hey I agree - I am curious though as to why Dana was quoted that they had 55 employees in 2004. See this link

yet - they only reported 39. Now we could assume that Dana fired a bunch of people from July 2004 - til the end of the year, or maybe they quit, but..........if they had a commitment to the city to employ people, why would they report that they only had 39? If they lost 16 people from July to December, the city should be able to inquire to find out why? Bottom line is someone else has posted that they worked there last year and the company never had 39 employees, let alone 55........just looking at this from the percpective of an outsider - it is our tax money that they are playing with. If you know something that I don't please let us know and I will leave this alone - but something stinks.

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From a previous post: - See the article:
As a former employee I can tell you that Microtech did not have 39 employees at anytime last year. Dana fires people for little or no reason whatsoever and then complains that there is no employee loyalty. I am lucky, I was able to quit that horrible place on my own terms but there have been a lot who were not as lucky and there will be more till Dana drives that place into bankruptcy.

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Unfortunate glitch

Hello observer - No not at all - just had many friends that worked there from time to time and have heard the same story over and over. the Feds did finally investigate and found US Dept of Labor Wage violations -I have also heard that Microsoft pulled their OEM agreement. Too much to write about - just would not trust that there is not more than just the 60K there.

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Unfortunate glitch

I agree with bozo - who wrote this junk? Did this person consider that Microtech may very well be in breach of the contract with the city? Is it possible that Microtech had their attorney constuct a letter that allows Microtech to be held harmless if the city were to accept the "good faith" payment. Microtech has long violated the citys abatement, they have stolen software, they have used secondary parts to build computers and Dana has fired countless numbers of employees because she was having a bad day. There are many more bad days to come for Microtech. I am glad to see the city react accordingly and understand that this is a useless white box company that is finally paying the price for its poor business practices. I for one will be the first in line to see them go under. Their contract with the State of Kansas is going away - they have no supercomputer business - they ran off every good employee that they had - because Mike could not control Dana. The owners of this company need to take a long look in the mirror and understand the only ones that they need to blame are the very image that stares back at them. Zheng and Chang have abused people - and it is time for the truth to be told.

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Microtech declines tax break

Honorable? I think not - The city should be focused on doing a complete investigation and leveraging fines on this company for not complying with the abatement. How many local individuals has this company taken advantage of? How many employees did Zhengs wife "spot fire"? There is simply no way Zheng is going to offer an additional 30K if he was not trying to avoid penalties much larger. How much money has Microtech saved over the last 8 years at the tax payers expense? Doesn't Zheng have a nice home in the nice part of town? Did they really have 39 employees last year? I doubt it. There is nothing honorable about his "good deed". This has cost the Lawrence community a tremendous amount of money. Some of the individuals that were "spot fired" need to come forward and post here. You now have a forum.

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Starbucks drive-throughs perk up new store sales

yes - more coffee for the masses

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