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Easy, tasty and cheap - broccoli and pasta recipe


I can't believe that it wouldn't be cheaper to prepare this from scratch if you consistently watch your budget and buy from sales. I have pasta on hand that I bought when it was free or less than $0.50/box, all of those other ingredients except the broccoli we keep on hand. Like another poster mentioned, you could change it up with different vegetables, if you buy what is on sale that week and what is in season, I see no reason why this wouldn't be cheaper than those horrible boxed versions :)

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Vacuum cleaner dilemma

Dyson, all the way. When we moved into our new house we used our Dyson on the floors that had very obviously been cleaned already....and were amazed at what we got up. (Eww)

After moaning and groaning over the price of the Dyson.... even my husband admits that it is one of our best purchases!

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Super easy Halloween snack

That sounds much simpler than what we always try to do :) Something about soaking them in salt water..... its a whole lot of trouble. We'll try it this way tonight!!

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HyVee's Annual General Mills Cereal Sale is Here

I disagree with Kris .... I seem to remember that every time the stock would deplete...they would restock the next morning.... I was really stressed last year about them running out ... I made a trip each night to do several transactions (trying to be courteous to others and not clear the shelves all at once ;) ) ... and it felt like they would never run out.

Kris is right though, the prices varied between the two stores last year, as did their policies on multiple transactions and rolling the catalinas, etc.

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HyVee's Annual General Mills Cereal Sale is Here

Both Madman and Katara are right. They are generally available at the store and are in their flyers which are delivered on Wednesdays.

Last year the checkers just kept them at the register and scanned the one they had handy. I also had them allow me to just hold onto my coupon and keep scanning it.

I would get your hands on one...and not worry about it after that!

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HyVee's Annual General Mills Cereal Sale is Here

Of course!

A catalina is a coupon that prints off of a little machine next to the receipt printer at the store. Various coupons print from there at different times, sometimes they are regular manufacturer's coupons like you find in the paper, other times they are "On Your Next Order" coupons.

On Your Next Order is generally a $$ off amount and generally can be applied to any purchase you make before the catalina's expiration date. Occasionally, the On Your Next Order will specify that it can only be used on your next purchase of product X.

In this sale, the $4 catalina that prints is off any future purchase that you make.

I hope that helps!

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Sales and a Tax Free Holiday to Ease the Burn of Back to School Shopping

That is definitely something to take into account. I plan for this weekend in my budget and use it as a tool to buy clothes for next year...those things that are on sale and also qualify for the tax break. Personally, my mother lives in a larger community in Missouri that participates in the sale so we can make a trip to see her, the kids get time with grandma and I can shop more quickly without worrying about hiring a sitter or wearing out the kids.

Another way would be to car pool with other people who are interested in shopping the sale. As with any deal, it takes some planning and foresight to make it save you significant money. You are right, all aspects of what it takes to acquire the deal need to be figured into the equation when you are deciding how much money it will save you.

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Sales and a Tax Free Holiday to Ease the Burn of Back to School Shopping

Here is a list of places not participating in the Holiday:Ballwin
Brentwood (Best Buy & Micro Center are located here!)
Bridgeton (the stores along St. Charles Rock Road at 270 are located here!)
Des Peres (West County Mall is located here!)
Frontenac (Frontenac Plaza is located here!)
Richmond Heights (Galleria Mall is located here!)
University City

There may be a few others. Also, stores who have less than 2% of their merchandise that qualifies for the sale do not have to participate.

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Sales and a Tax Free Holiday to Ease the Burn of Back to School Shopping

The caps listed are per purchase, not per customer. If you were to purchase $100 of clothing at three different stores, you would still receive the tax break on these items.

The added incentive and my main point, is these stores run major discounts on "out of season" clothing...those things that are for summer, not fall... I like to purchase these highly discounted items in next year's sizes so I'm getting the maximum benefit.

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