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Evolution returns

Florida minus the Bush?

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Evolution returns

Would forcing people to learn about other religions be a better option? If they have no idea about their own religion, how little must they know about other beliefs?

Reduce hate based on misconceptions?

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Evolution returns

I like this comment!

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Evolution returns

I don't hear about Hindu's arguing that Evolution hurts their children?

What about the other religions that are in America? Why do we have to recognize just one?

If we are going to throw out science, why favor one myth over another?

Stop being selfish people and think of our future - THE CHILDREN.

I don't want a holistic healer to treat me in the ER, just because modern medicine conflicts with some childhood story they grew up with.

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Douglas County investigators identify body of Lawrence man found near railroad tracks

So sad, he was truly one of the sweetest guys around. The type of guy that would tuck people in and kiss their foreheads if they were sleeping on his couch, or offer you his last morsel of food. He will truly be missed by us all.

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